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I’m usually happily and contentedly last in the queue for new SL innovations. It took me ages and ages to take the plunge and get a mesh head and I had no sooner done so then talk of Bento filled the air.

As soon as I heard about the additional bones in the Second Life skeleton, I had been asking around if this would mean that there would be mesh heads we could change to suit our features, but nobody seemed to have an answer. I was patently asking the wrong people because of course it meant that, and now, of course, there are Bento heads.

While I have no burning need to get Bento hands yet – I don’t feel an unfulfilled yearning to flip anyone the birdie or make a heart shape with them – I did feel a responsibility to return to ‘my face’ as soon as I could.

You see, I traumatised Thom. Long time readers of the blog will remember that he was most upset when I got a mesh head, because although it resembled Meri in some ways, it was not her – and Thom has known me since I was six days old. Oh how he railed against it, he protested, he wore a ‘Frank’ head of his own. It went on for quite some time until eventually he acquiesced.

Of course, his acquiescence lined up almost exactly to the time I went and got a Catwa Bento head demo to try out, but he didn’t know that. I spent some time with the demo (having applied my existing skin applier to it) looking at photographs of my old face and trying to replicate it into my shape.

They recommend that you begin with their shape and work on it from there – there’s a good reason for that. You look like an alien when you begin from your own shape, but I thought that was okay anyway, it gave me some clues as to shape and where to concentrate.

I played with my shape for around… *thinks* 4 hours all in, over several sessions. I’m still tweaking. It was at this point I showed Thom. He was really enthusiastic, which made me happy, so I tripped on over to Catwa to buy it (along with the full animations HUD) to find out that they were 5000L$ each. So 10K in all. That’s a lot of pennies in real money.

So I did what any woman without a spare 10k hanging around and who has set her heart on something would do. I had a cry.

Due in part to his enthusiasm and in part to not liking me crying, Thom decided to spring for the majority of this investment himself, which was very nice of him – thank you Thom ❤

In summary, yes I recommend Bento heads. I certainly recommend you spending time with a demo to make sure you can make it look how you wish, also, do try all the different ones available and save your money up! I also, belatedly, recommend that you simply buy the head first and contemplate if you really need the extended animations HUD – there is a basic HUD for animations in with the head and so far, I’ve not gone beyond that aside from for a play around.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Trace Too
Pose | =fashiowl poses= Julia 6 – modified (fashiowl Mainstore)
Hair | Lamb. Dream On Light Blondes (Lamb Mainstore)
Bag | {Reverie} Travelers Bag Vintage Messenger (Reverie Mainstore : Reverie Marketplace)
Socks | Maitreya Dahlia Socks (Maitreya Mainstore)
Shoes | Sweet Tea Flat Mary Janes (Sweet Tea Mainstore)
Cardigan | Addams Mesh Hipster Cardigan [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Skirt | Addams Mesh Hipster Pleated Skirt (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Sweater | Addams Mesh Hipster Turtleneck (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)


Addams seem to be doing a great deal more Mainstore releases of late, I’m telling you this because if you’re only visiting the big events, you may well be missing out on some truly great new stuff. The most recent – Hipster set – comprises an around waist cardigan, a pleated skirt and a lovely turtleneck sweater. You can buy them all, or buy them individually and the textures and colours for the sweater in particular are gorgeous.

I had a question from a reader the other day. Her boyfriend got in touch to say she’d bought this outfit blogged but that the tights showed through the skirt – had I experienced the same issue? It’s worth saying that if I have any issues with anything I blog, I do say so, because I don’t like the idea of fudging anything to mislead folks.

I hadn’t experienced that issue, but on that subject, if you are wearing a mesh body, it is less likely that there will be show through of your applier undergarments to your over clothes. If there is any, use the alpha HUD to hide that part of your body (and therefore also the associated applier). If you are not using a mesh body, it is important to wear the alpha layer provided in the pack with the standard sized item. In this case, Addams Sonia Skirt comes with both body mesh sizes and standard sizes (whereas the one I’m blogging today is just mesh body sizes) and so can be worn by either – but differently. I do hope that helps!

Here’s some close ups and a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video – of course, issues with fitting showing up when you move around is the original reason for making these little videos – although I do just enjoy the fun too! In this instance, I had a little trouble with my size 10 Maitreya Lara hands showing through the cuffs of the sweater. Of course, that can’t be alpha’d out, but it was a minor thing imho.



    • Oh yes, I think they’re great if you either want to stay ‘looking like yourself’ or want to play with a few different looks. I guess the only people who don’t need them is folks who love their existing mesh head x


    • Well I think the existing mesh heads are fantastic anyhow. I was at first kinda like ohhhhh to change as I loved my gwen but I’m glad I have changed as I love my little pixel face lolx

      Liked by 1 person

  • A really interesting post, Meri. I’m waiting for CATWA to bring out a male version BENTO head, it’s the only circumstance when I would wear a mesh head all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I’m excited too, I miss your old head. Not that I come here to look at the pictures mind you, I do like to read your blog but your old head was pretty awesome. I was one of those don’t get a new head people. 2017 is looking up already.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Glad to have come (almost) full circle Marge. It’s truly a joy to look like me again but without the awkward bits I used to have to photoshop. Will you be getting a demo? X


    • Probably not. The skin I wear doesn’t have appliers for any mesh heads and only one type of mesh body (I believe). I haven’t been able to find a different skin that looks similar so going to have to continue rocking the mostly classic avatar for a bit longer. I don’t mind all that much. The only thing that really bothered me about avatar bods was the feet, they were and are hideous. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, they just aren’t human feet at all. I was so happy to get Slink feet x you keep rocking the classic Marge x


  • The Bento heads are so much fun to play with. I can only imagine what they’ll come out with next! What I find fascinating is that Bento allows for so much customization, but each separate head is still able to have its own unique style.

    Liked by 1 person

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