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I find myself questioning my own motives today, because I posted a RL selfie on Facebook last night. I felt compelled to do so after putting on some make-up because I was going on Skype with Thom and wanted to look nice.

I guess I feel a little strange about it because obviously I did it for the positive comments all the nice people make when someone does post a selfie and now I feel very slightly grubby.

It’s like I needed it :/

Needing attention is hard to admit, I mean, I get plenty through blogging and just by talking normally with my buddies, but this is different. I think I needed it because I’m quite isolated where I live. I work alone, I don’t have friends around here and – particularly when you’re female – your friends are there to make personal comments about you. Like… Oh I do like that eyeshadow… Do you want to borrow my lipgloss?.. You look nice…etc.

Also, because I rarely see anybody outside of the house, I don’t bother often with making myself look nice. Clean seems to be sufficient for my lifestyle most of the time.

I usually don’t at all mind being isolated, I keep busy. I do have friends, I just don’t get to see them often. I like working for myself – so, it’s all good, until some strange ‘neediness’ leaks out in this way.

I feel positively ashamed admitting all this to you, dear reader, but I’m doing so because I want to get to the point – two points, actually.

  1. I really do need to get out more.
  2. I really value my SL friends.

I know… it’s like self-therapy in action, innit? I’ll shut up now. Thank you.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Garden of Dreams
Pose | {Imeka} Sits 01 Pose 01 – modified (Imeka Mainstore)
Rings | **RealEvil** Surya Rings, prev rare Gacha, try (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Legwarmers | Addams Nurya Legwarmers (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Hair | *TKW* Kanokaa (Cosmopolitan Event)
Lingerie | Blueberry Cookie Panties and Bra [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Well, Blueberry knocked it out of the park with this new lingerie set – Cookie (shown here as bra and panties) also comes with a little skirt (and I mean little :)) and is adorable. You can buy single colours, but if you’re someone who likes to get their money’s worth, the Blueberry fatpack is always worth it. I mean there are shedloads, mammoths, many, many, colours and colour-combinations in there, as well as a set of ‘Golds’ I used in my choices for these pictures, which only comes in the fatpack.

It fits like a glove, or underwear. 🙂

TKW’s Kanokaa hair is an Asian-inspired masterpiece available at Cosmopolitan Event right now. You can get it in all the ‘normal’ colour HUDs, usually I go for blondes, but I felt like a bit of colour today.

I used Addams Nurya legwarmers which are not a new release, but helped me feel a bit more snug as I posed on a hillside in January to take this picture. Also, they look cute.

I happened to be wearing most of this outfit when the photographer from Spotlight magazine contacted me to take my pic for the January edition, and so, I slutted my way along there dressed this way 😀

Here’s some more pics including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

Finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video… rarely does an outfit give so many reasons to throw it all about and see what falls out – but have faith, this is a quality fit.




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