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I found out about how to use Windlights at an event the club was having some years ago. I took some snapshots myself and a friend also took some, she showed me hers and they were misty and full of promise, the lighting perfect. I asked her how she had done that and she said she’d used a certain windlight. I put that windlight on and it didn’t look as good. I told her so and she suggested I move the sun… When I explained I couldn’t move the sun she told me that I probably I didn’t have phototools (an add-on you had to download to Firestorm, now included) she told me how to do it and I did so the very next day. (Thanks Sylvia, if you ever read this).

The power of being able to alter windlight colours, brightness, fog, distance, clarity, blah blah blah, means you control how the world appears and being able to control where the sun is in the sky means you can have a load of different effects and avatar or scene lighting options without the use of a face light or other lighting apparatus.

I’ve chosen this picture and this blog to talk about it, because it’s very obvious in the pic where the sun is and what colours and effects I was going for (pastel pink).

Spending some time on SL photography, playing with different windlights, messing with great ones you find and creating your own, I think, is one of the most rewarding activities you can find inworld.

If you have any handy hints on SL photography you can share, I’d love to hear them in the comments 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | {YumYum Cafe}
Pose | [E3D] Diorama Reach A Little Further (E3D Mainstore)
Romper | CandyDoll Yeesha Sweatsuit – Banana [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Collabor88)  or (Collabor88 Camshop Sim)
Shoes | CandyDoll Linda – Banana [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (CandyDoll Mainstore)
Jewellery | Mandala Tefutefu Multi Rainbow (Mandala Mainstore)
Hair | [RunAway] Akira Hair – Bonus Colours HUD (Hentai Fair, 14-28 Jan)


RunAway have gone all kawaii for the Hentai Fair this month with the Akira Hair which is available in an array of colour HUD choices.

I paired it with some cute things from CandyDoll, one at their mainstore and the other at C88. I do love yellow.

Here’s some more pics including a well lit, no shit shot…



And finally, my jigging for the rigging. I taped my tits in, so let’s see how we roll 🙂




  • Always save your cam position. Always.
    Cameratools > eye icon (with downward arrow) saves the position, Upward pointing arrow icon re-loads the saved position – even after log-in/out.
    This has saved my bacon many a day! 🙂

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    • Seri and I haven’t given up on getting you to exhibit at Placebo Gallery. We intend to shortly present you with a list of the ten images from your blog we would most like you to show (:

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    • Ooh, well that might be nice. I’m more than a little trepidatious, having seen the standard of the pictures in the gallery, but it would be lovely to be a part of it 😀


  • Fiddling with the EST setting is always good. If you have a scene set up and the light is just not falling properly, just alter the Sky preset you’re currently using with the EST setting. This moves the light according to time. Also try altering some of the colour boxes as that has more subtle effects. If you end up with a WL you really like, save it with your name and a description of the time of day. So I’d save something like – Moz early morning.

    I fully agree with Boudicca! I’m often sabotaging my own camera position as I think… well, I will add another item, then lo and behold I’ve moved off the original position which took ages to get right.

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    • Yes, I loved Boudicca’s tip too, I tried it out immediately and it made me happy 😀 I so love messing with Windlights, I don’t know why everybody doesn’t do it all the time 😀


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