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So, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day in *counts* 25 days, and so I don’t think that’s too early to be contemplating what you might wear in order to boz the eyes right out of your man… or maybe he’s not your man yet, but he will be once he sees his Valentine angel?

Maybe you are a man and are sick of seeing your woman in sackcloth and ashes, chained to your virtual kitchen sink. You could surprise her with something sexy like this (and gacha items are all transferable). Or you’re a guy and want to wear it yourself…

Also, soon, it’ll get warmer and so wearing less will be much more appealing, although probably not by Valentine’s Day.

At AAi, we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday 18th February with our annual-ish Guilty Pleasures Festival – VD Edition. This lauded event sees all of our DJs playing songs that definitely do not fit the club’s ‘indie’ genre at all. We play those songs we listen to in the car with the windows up, the CDs you hide when friends come around. Oh yes, we play Kylie and the Beegees – and more. I’m going to get along with making a flyer for it next week, pinning down who will play when and having a think about what decor would be a) romantic but cheesy and b) really utterly naff.

Yuh, it’ll be hot, cus I’ll ask Thom to put the heating on early. And it might get snuggly, cus it’s a tiny club and we all have to fit in there together.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Whispering Winds
Pose | GingerFish Sultry Pack (GingerFish Marketplace)
Hair | Besom – Fire – Deeply Rooted Gacha Reds (The Epiphany, til 15 Feb)
Outfit | Blueberry AngelBerry Outfit, details below [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (The Epiphany, til 15 Feb)

Meri wears:

#28 Blueberry Angelberry – Common – Halo – Lover
#18 Blueberry Angelberry – Common – Corset – Lover
#13 Blueberry Angelberry – Common – Panties – Lover
#10 Blueberry Angelberry – Common – Bra – Lover
#23 Blueberry Angelberry – Common – Shoes – Lover
#7 Blueberry Angelberry – Common – Wings – Lover


The AngelBerry gacha by Blueberry at Epiphany is to die for. Srsly right. At 50l$ per pull you can be sure each and every item you pull out will be one you want to wear, both as part of the overall outfit and separately. Lush. I’m posting the gacha key below.

Besom’s Deeply Rooted Gacha hairs continue with ‘Fire’ which seemed appropriate so I used the reds HUD. This is probably the most girly of the dreadlock themed hairs in the Epiphany gacha and I love it.

Here’s some more pics, including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally, here is my jigging for the rigging. My Bloody Valentine’s Soon was an inevitable result, I’m sure you’ll agree ❤


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