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G’morning fashion flickers. Me and my irritated sinuses wish you a good day. As I may have mentioned, I spent some time in RL with some of my family a couple of days ago. We went to the pub and played endless songs on the jukebox with tastes spanning almost 80 years.

We ate the wrong thing when we got back because my Mum keeps everything she makes in ‘Clover’ margarine tubs for easy storage and she couldn’t tell the difference between Spanish chicken and Chilli after a few beers. Still, as a culinary mistake, it was lush. I totally recommend Spanish chicken on jacket potato with grated cheese on top.

I just feel sorry for Mum eating Chilli each next for a week now 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Cosmopolitopia
Pose | [KoKoLoReS] Face & Hands Poses (KoKoLoReS Mainstore : KoKoLoReS Marketplace)
Skin | amara beauty – Julia Beauty Kit – Skin, Eyes, Lips, Body (Powder Pack Jan)
Eyeshadow | [PF] Catwa Eyeshadow – Smokey Duo (Powder Pack Jan)
Earrings | RealEvil Zena Earrings (Shiny Shabby, 20 Jan – 15 Feb)
Bracelets | RealEvil Ikal Bracelets (Men Only Monthly 20 Jan – 15 Feb)
Lipstick | ::Modish:: Nina Matte Lipsticks (Powder Pack Jan)
Hair | Truth Elira (Truth Mainstore)
Boots | WontonFemme Giannelli Boot – Army (WontonFemme Mainstore)
Tank | erratic – Jessica Loose Tank Olive (erratic Mainstore)
Jeans | Blueberry Flare Jeans V2 [Mait/Bell/Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Ok so firstly, RealEvil have two new designs out at two different events. The Zena Earrings are at Shiny Shabby and come with a HUD to change metal colours and stone types. The Ikal Bracelets are in both male and female versions in the pack, along with a HUD to change leather and metal colours, at Men Only Monthly. The quality of RealEvil’s jewellery is to die for, so don’t die for it, just purchase it.

I’m wearing another new skin from the Powder Pack for January. As I mentioned yesterday, I was blown away by the amount of stuff in the pack and the quality of what was included. I won’t be showing you all the skins, cus I’m rather attached to my ‘usual’ look for blogging, but there’s still plenty to share with you.

The skin is Amara Beauty and came with different skin shades, plus options for eyes, lips and body appliers. I think it’s a gorgeous skin, my only very slight issue being the amount of highlighter on the face. It looks fab close up but when you see me full length, I look a bit pale in the face. Although I really liked the eyeshadow and lip choices in the pack, I decided to go with Pink Fuel’s Smokey Duo eyeshadow, cus wow! They are so great. And the lips are by Modish and of a matte texture.

Here’s some more pics including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

Ok, so here’s my jigging for the rigging video (all bets are off with the erratic tank)… and then can someone give me a lift please? I seem to be stranded… Hello? Help! Help!

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