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Morning browsers, lazy day readers, lunch-time lookers. Whatever you’re up to I hope it’s good. The proper start of my day has been delayed because it’s too damn cold in this house to get my body out and put it in the shower yet. I put the heating on high and I’m drinking tea, talking to you and waiting til I can go and style myself human again.

I had two really interesting conversations with women friends from SL yesterday, both super intelligent and deep and wise and tall. On days like that I feel very lucky to have such people in my life. One led me gently through a thorny issue by the hand, to a conclusion a 5 year old should have been able to reach, but I wasn’t. Oh and she did it with such grace. The second, who I have a lot of respect for, agreed to share something with me I’ve never done – she’s going to help me in appreciating art.

This is going to sound very odd indeed, but I’m unused to people being able to make me stop and think and yet I love it. I’m a cruise ship on the sea, reasonably sure of my path. I like it when tug boats and fishing vessels and other cruisers come alongside and travel with me some of the way, but rarely do I see a bigger ship willing to let me travel in its wake. This is what my sisters did for me yesterday.

I’m a freaky analogiser today!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Beautiful 4 Seasons
Poses | Verocity – Cheryl Pack (Verocity Mainstore)
Hair | *Besom – French Hair Blondes HUD (N21)
Shirt | Addams Kendall Loose Shirt incl necklace [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Jeans | BUENO Una Jeans – No Pockets – Baby Blue [Fitmesh/Frey/HG/Isis] (Uber, 25/1 – 23/2)
Boots | JIAN Kitten Booties – Group Gift (Jian Mainstore)


Let’s begin at the bottom and work up – no, not that bottom… we’ll get to that. Jian have a lovely giveaway for their group members right now. The JIAN Kitten Booties are basically cute and colour changeable Uggs with kittens on each foot. The kittens are texture change too via HUD and they are also slightly animated, although they stay on your foot. Included in this freebie pack is a static arrangement of boots and kittens that you can rez as a decor item. Thank you Jian ❤

Bueno’s Una Jeans come in Fitmesh, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya and Isis sizes and are available right now at Uber. I want to point out that the Fitmesh Bueno size always fits my Maitreya Lara really well… and of course, that’s not a personal guarantee, you should always try a demo, but I’ve never been disappointed. I love the look of these jeans and how they move with me – check out the video below. Great butt too!

Addams have released the Kendall Loose shirt at their mainstore. It comes with a built-in (and optional) necklace and the fat pack has a HUD containing a load of different colour choices. In each colour choice, however, you can change the collar colour to one that contrasts rather than matches. Cool eh?

Besom’s French hair is a long bob available now at N21. I used the Blondes pack as per usual, but they have some gorgeous other HUD colours I’m going to test out sometime soon… soon as I’ve finished with all the blonde shades. Almost promise.

Here’s some extra shots including my ‘well lit, no shit’.

And finally, here is the ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. I’m gonna freak in the morning and freak in the evening (join me?)

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