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A long time ago, when I was at school, I had several run-ins with a particular teacher. She taught PE. Let’s not get into what her motivations were, I’m sure they were fine, but at 15 years old, I didn’t care what was behind her chivvying and barking, I just didn’t like it.

PE, to me, was torture. I’m going to offer evidence. The school did not make you wear a uniform to attend school generally, only for PE. The uniform was a short sleeved airtex shirt, a pair of polyester navy gym knickers and a grey pleated skirt that did not cover anything at all. Then, they made us go outside and play hockey in the Winter. I mean… there was actual frost on the actual ground, our breath was coming out in plumes, our poor legs were mottled like frozen chicken and our extremities were numb. We were frozen children being forced to hit each other with sticks (oh, believe me, whatever the supposed rules of hockey, the outcome is violent).

That was Winter.

In Summer (same outfit of course) we did athletics. The absolute worst part of this was long jump which, along with other ‘games’ she was convinced I’d be good at, because I was tall. Anyway the sand pit for the long jump was a slushy, cigarette-butt-infested dirt hole which I had no intentions of throwing myself into foo first. Just no way. I refused each time, like a horse at the Grand National.

Eventually, she announced the big torture of the year – the 1500m track event. I asked her if I could sit it out, I explained I did not enjoy running distance, I wasn’t going to win and I would prefer to assist with timings, or colour-code the quoits or something. She suggested that I simply do it and that it didn’t matter how fast I went or if I won, as long as I completed the 1500m.

So I did, but very very slowly. I hatched a plan with a couple of friends and when the whistle blew, we set off walking, and we walked the entire race. She yelled, she railed, she waved her arms – all to no avail. She had pushed me too far. I completed the race. Her blood pressure went up two notches. Win for Meri.

A few years later, I was working for my local authority in Sports Development (yes, I know). I had to go into schools and set up programmes of development with the sports teachers and lo and behold, she was still there. Her amazement to see me working in such a role was slightly unflattering, admittedly, but at least I was able to point out to her with a level of tact that sport could be fun and I hoped to work with her to make it so. We parted, if not friends, then certainly singing from the same hymn sheet.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Skin | ::Modish:: Leta Skin (Powder Pack Feb)
Eye Make-up | DeeTalez Beautiful Eyes Collection (Powder Pack Feb)
Beauty Marks | [okkbye] Dalmation Beautymarks for Catwa (Powder Pack Feb)
Lipstick | [PF] Catwa Lipstick Applier – Juicy Drop (Powder Pack Feb)

Visit | Take Heart
Pose | Grafica munc v mirror (Men Only Monthly, til 15 Feb)
Hair | [monso] My Hair – Jeonso – Blonde, prev C88, ([monso] Mainstore)
Jewellery | **RealEvil** Mara Choker, Bracelet and Ring (Shiny Shabby, from 20 Feb)
Outfit | Addams Aurora BabyDoll & Boots [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)


So, I promised you more goodies from February’s Powder Pack today and I’m not letting you down, no way! I chose some reet good stuff for you. Let me give you the low down…

DeeTalez Beautiful Eyes Collection –
6 eyeliners x black/white options
2 lashes choices
3 eye colours

::Modish:: Leta Skin –
4 skin colour choices
4 brow colours + no brow
6 lipstick choices

[okkbye] Dalmation Beautymarks for Catwa –
5 choices of beauty mark arrangements

[PF] Catwa Lipstick Applier – Juicy Drop – lots of colours!

You can go visit the Powder Pack website indicated above and see what it’s all about in more detail, or you can go purchase in advance for March (there will be 12 new packs from designers to collect in that Powder Pack too) for 1500l$, or you can pay 3000l$ for the current pack and any previous packs – it’s a great deal whichever way you spin it. Here’s the Powder Pack Mainstore and here it is on Powder Pack’s Marketplace where you can buy January’s or February’s pack.

Moving on now to two shiny new things which I found at the same time and just make each other sing. The first is Addams Aurora BabyDoll and Boots which were released for Valentine’s Day at the mainstore. Oh the colours, oh the options. Lemme tell you a few bits. You can have the entire ensemble transparent (shown) or opaque, you can choose to have contrasting or matching colours for the bow, the knickers you can’t really see in my pics, but are lush. Just… just go try it, you’ll come away skint.

RealEvil’s Mara Jewellery set comprises a choker, bracelets and rings and it’s adorable in a folky, indie, sexy, casual kind of way. I love how you can make the leather, metal and stone options different or contrasting via the HUD. I love love love the style. I felt so pretty and sexy in this outfit, I knew it was a huge keeper. You can get RealEvil’s treasures shown at Shiny Shabby right now.

Here’s more pictures to whet your appetite for shopping…


And finally, here is my jigging for the rigging video…



  • Lovely recollections, my friend 🙂 I do remember that my sportsmaster was tasked with dealing out punishments to naughty children and if they were boys, then the punishment was a whack on the behind with a Slazenger tennis racket. If you were lucky you ended up with a bruise in the shape of an “S”, which naturally you used as a badge of honour and forgot about why you were being punished in the first place. The girls used to be given so many pages of lines to do which took them forever to complete, whilst boys could just go on their merry way. Doesn’t seem fair!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh that sounds interesting, strangely. Our PE punishments came in the form of more PE (do more laps or something) which really reinforced the whole ‘this is NOT fun’ atmosphere they’d created. I’m sorry to hear about your booty though. x


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