Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Be Happy


It was almost 20 years ago when I realised for the first time how very true the slogan on my tshirt is “Be Happy – It drives people crazy”. I had a boyfriend who did everything he could to dismantle me (that’s just about the only word) and he ultimately failed (yay) and when I was out from under his influence, I got happier and then after that, I got happier still and seeing me happy drove him crazy for sure.

But the main point is, I felt better, I felt happier. I’ve done a lot of thinking about being happy because years later during some medical tests, I found that I have unnaturally high levels of serotonin, so I’m quite likely to be happier than most people at any given time. How cool is that huh?

The massive power of being happy is one which I will never underestimate. If you shit on this girl, she’ll thank her lucky stars she’s not like you. If you dump this girl, she’ll get her hair done and go out to have fun. If you say something mean, she’ll take a second or two to reel from the ouch and then remember that to do something like that, you’re probably not happy yourself.

Everybody assumes my life is great and A-ok and really, it’s not so wonderful and easy, but it’s how you live it guys. Be happy, cus it’s all we’ve got to sustain us.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Poses | Image Essentials Hip Hop Pack 2 (Image Essentials Mainstore)
Hair | [RunAway] Mila Hair – Bonus Colours HUD (Whore Couture Fair 7, 1-31 Mar)
Top | Vinyl Scars Turtleneck wi optional bra [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Uber, til 23 Mar)
Mask | Vinyl Neo Meddy Mask (Uber, til 23 Mar)
Lingerie | [Cynful] Coax Lingerie [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Whore Couture Fair 7, 1-31 Mar)
Bellychain | [Cynful] Coax Bellychain  (Whore Couture Fair 7, 1-31 Mar)
Gloves | **RealEvil** Jassy Gloves [Mait/Sli Casual] (Whore Couture Fair 7, 1-31 Mar)
Boots | **RealEvil** Jassy Boots [Mait/2Sli/3Bell]  (Whore Couture Fair 7, 1-31 Mar)


Oh so much stuff to show you today! First up, I have RealEvil who have made the Jassy Boots in a choice of 20 colours with options to change various different parts of the boot to contrast. The Jassy Gloves are adorable and you can view them in full in the pictures below.

Then Cynful’s stunning Coax lingerie is available in 20 colours with 5 additional exclusive fatpack colours, again the HUD allows you to change different parts of the lingerie. Same for the Coax Bellychain, but with 5 metal textures too.

Thirdly, RunAway’s Mila Hair is a stunner. I used the Bonus Colours HUD this time as it contains some gorgeous fades and roots options. All these items are at the Whore Couture Fair which opens tomorrow – 1st March. Yay for that!

Then I have Vinyl’s Scars Turtleneck and Neo Meddy Mask, both of which are available at Uber right now til the 23rd March. I always love the texture options Vinyl offers and as you probably gathered, this one is pretty much my life motto and so will be getting a ton of wear – thank you Vinyl!

Here’s some more pics including a well lit, no shit. Have a ganzer…

And finally, a jigging for the rigging video and I chose Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy (cus she’s so happy all the darn time) ❤


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