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Ahh welcome to ‘whats to do’ Wednesday. Midwok. And it’s raining. Gah.

There’s no Chris on tonight at AAi. He’s got work things on this week and then he’s off to Disneyland (world?) in Florida. So for two weeks, the great and the good of AAi have to amuse themselves for not only two but three nights per week.

Of course, I’m sorry to be not seeing and hearing Chris tonight, but I’m secretly quite happy cus this means I’ll get to watch a movie maybe with Thom, and that’s always a treat. I think the last one we watched was something he wanted, so maybe I get to choose today! Any recommendations?

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Storybrook
Lashes | [okkbye] Amaris Eyelashes 2 of 2 for Catwa (Powder Pack March)
Lips | Pink Fuel Queen Lipstick for Catwa 1 of 11 (Powder Pack March)
Eyes | Zibska Iren Catwa Eyemakeup 1 of 12 (Powder Pack March)
Outfit/Hair/Crown | Sintklia&Chain Shine N Roses Lootbox RARE Mait only (LootBox Magical Gacha)
Kimono/Accessories | Akame Una Loot Box RARE Mait Only (LootBox Magical Gacha)
Shoes | [BREATHE] Sakura Heels – Red Lips [Mait/Sli/2Bell] (LootBox Magical Gacha)

Hoss 1 | JIAN My Lil Equine 9. Olympian Pegasus Companion (LootBox Magical Gacha)
Hoss 2 | JIAN My Lil Equine 3. Love Alicorn Companion (LootBox Magical Gacha)
Hoss 3 | JIAN My Lil Equine 4. Twilight Unicorn Companion (LootBox Magical Gacha)


Welly, welly, well… this all began when I said to myself ‘What does a girl wear when she’s walking her miniature flying horses and unicorns?’ and decided to head over to LootBox and have a play on the gachas there, to see what turned up for me.

It was fun! Jian’s ‘My Lil Equine’ collection has gone bonkers in popularity, I see them all over Facebook and so, if you want, neigh (sorry), need a little four-legged friend, trot on over to LootBox and have a go. I put the gacha key below so you can check them all out.

I’m still rooting around in my March Powder Pack, like a woman with a fancy new make-up bag. [okkbye], Pink Fuel and Zibska feature today with their make-ups and eyelashes and they’re all so lovely and perfect. You can visit the Powder Pack website, linked above, for more information about the current Catwa pack, the upcoming Lelutka pack (releasing on the 1st April, available for 1500l$ presale now on marketplace and will be 3000l$ after release) and other news.

Here’s some pictures including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.


And finally, here is the ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. Alpha’d out arms – check, shoes not sunk into floor – check, music ready – check. Let’s go!


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