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So you know how I told you about all the horrid RL stuff that had gone on in the last week, but I didn’t tell you about any of the good stuff that had gone on in SL  – and believe me, it has been pretty interesting.

Firstly, I was staggered, frankly, to be asked to display some of my pictures in Seraphim’s Placebo Gallery in SL. Seraphim and Chris are both artists and Sera likes to collect and share art she sees in SL through her gallery for others to see too. It’s an amazing collection. There’s stuff in there that blows off my socks, it’s so packed full of talent. However, for some reason, she had a brain fart and decided to include me.

I blushed bright red when I got there and realised she’d done an exhibition in the first room just of my pictures, but honestly, blown up real big they don’t look too bad! Plus! There are all the wonderful real artists on display too.

Anyway… it was cool and blush-making and a definite red letter day and you can go see the Placebo gallery too if you like? You can also go see Chris’s art on the blog.

I also had fun on Saturday! Kess Crystal of Blogger and Vlogger Network asked me to do a presentation/discussion with her on Managing Time and Expectations in blogging. We did it on voice with a great audience of about 12-15 people (I can’t count over 10 accurately :D) who were typing in chat to us. I also give an overview of how you should be using SEO and social media to promote your posts (as that is a part of my RL job).

There’s a video of the event on BVN’s Youtube channel – which I obviously hadn’t taken on board (wasn’t listening, patently) so it does lead to my singing ‘I’m a little teapot’ later on in events… but it might still be worth a listen if you’re a new blogger, someone thinking about blogging or even an experienced blogger. It’s good to share our tips and tricks and I’d love to hear from you if you have any too.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Blue Orange Club & Art Corner 
Hat/Hair | #taketomiWEST Ebby (N21 Event, 21 Mar – 12 Apr)
Romper | BUENO Romper [Mait/2Bell/SliHG] (Uber, 25 Mar – 23 Apr)
Boots | CandyDoll Jasmine Boots – Pattern IV (Shoetopia, 25 Mar – 8 Apr)
Make Up | ::Modish:: Linda Cosmetics – Eyes & Lips Catwa (Powder Pack March)
Rings/Nails | **RealEvil* Elektra Nails & Rings (Fameshed, 1 – 27 Apr)


Firstly, I wanted to show you a new-ish music club in SL, named Blue Orange. I’ve not actually managed to get there when there is a DJ on but I noticed they seem to often begin about 3pm SLT, but it’s worth an explore any time of day, due to the art corner and cute build. I took my pictures there.

BUENO’s Romper at Uber is just gorgeous, I mean it’s great. I felt rocking in it frankly and it comes in a range of colours and textures but I’m a devil for yellow, especially in Spring.

RealEvil’s Elektra Nails and Rings are totally awesome. The nails replace the ones on your hand and you replace your normal nails afterwards by selecting a colour via your normal body/hand HUD. I can’t even begin to tell you all the possible combinations and options available in the full **RE** HUD. Do do do go to Fameshed and grab them!

I used ::Modish::’s Linda Cosmetics Pack for Catwa in this post and I wanted to share it with you and it is from Powder Pack for March. Of course, in the meantime the Lelutka pack also came out from Powder Pack and while I don’t have a Lelutka head, I know it caused a huge ripple of excitement. Pre-orders for the April Catwa Powder Pack are now open and you can pay in advance and get it half price – 1500l$, when the price after release will go up to 3000l$. Go visit the website linked above to see all the details!

Here’s some more pictures including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…


And finally, here is my jigging for the rigging video. Let’s shake it on out



  • Just listened to this, loved it! Tell Kess that my spreadsheet is a tatty notebook that I update on a annual basis, it serves me well. It even went through the washing machine once and came back more lucid than ever for being doused in Fairy Non- Bio.

    This is the best quote, “Feel free to disagree with us if you want to be wrong.” Priceless!

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