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Meet Me There

Yo! Tip-top Tuesday People. I began blogging donkeys years ago. I started on Blogger and then moved all my posts over here at some point and then began doing my ‘most days fashion blogging’ stuff. Back then, there was no real blogging community to speak of and some days it felt like you were talking to nobody, or to yourself.

It has gradually changed and I think a lot of that is down to deliberate social media networking – people realising that if they support other bloggers with likes that they will get some too. But some of it is down to an actual feeling of camaraderie and that I love.

I mean, if you’re going to visit somebody’s blog and they wrote something, why not read it. And if you read it, why not be interested in the person who wrote it, why not wish them well? Why not realise that we’re all travelling down the same road and some people are ahead of you and many more are behind and we can all help each other, make each other better too.

Ahh, it makes me so happy to see us all this way. If you’re not a blogger and you’re reading this, you’re no less valuable, in fact, you’re the most valuable commodity out there, you’re why bloggers blog.

That, I guess, and a need to show off 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Last Forever
Pose | GingerFish Poses – Smoked Pack (Pose Fair 2017, til 29 Apr)
Hair | .Shi Hearken (.Shi Mainstore)
Rings | **RealEvil** Elektra Nails & Rings for Maitreya Bento (Fameshed, 1 – 26 Apr)
Scarf | [Cynful] Silhouette Scarf [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Cynful Mainstore : Cynful Marketplace)
Boots | !APHORISM! Glastonbury Boots – Black (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)
Bag | {Reverie} Travelers Bag – Vintage (Reverie Mainstore : Reverie Marketplace)
Top | [American Bazaar] Roxane Top Grey [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (The Thrift Shop, til 6 May)
Jeans | [American Bazaar] Punkish Jeans Blue/Grey [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (The Thrift Shop, til 6 May)


I took some pics at ‘The Last Forever’ once before, not so long after it opened. It’s a sim with great photographic potential, both in the detail and in the overall landscape. I’m not suggesting for a second I’ve fulfilled that, so I suggest you go and try 🙂

GingerFish have produced the cool ‘Smoked’ Pack for The Pose Fair 2017 which you have four days left to go explore and shop at. They are all poses where you are holding a cigarette and are bento enabled of course.

I’m using the RealEvil Elektra Rings and Nails (with nails alpha’d out) again because they are so super and they work with my Maitreya Bento updated hands. (Update 4.1, you’ve got it by now I’m sure).

Cynful’s Silhouette Scarf came with a dress in the Silhouette pack back in the day… lemme go check…  Yup, Feb 2016 I blogged the dress without scarf, now I’m blogging the scarf! Haha.

In brand new news, I’ve begun blogging for American Bazaar and this is my first post featuring their items which are out right now at The Thrift Shop event by Depraved Nation. I love the casual, ripped-up vibe of this top and jeans and the fit is pretty good too. I did have a tiny amount of breakthrough on one sideboob, when moving and having physics on, but it’s nothing to write home about. You can check it out in my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video below.

Here’s some more photos including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot.

Finally, here is the jigging for the rigging video, we’re heading down the Atlanta highway, looking for the love getaway…


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