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Beach Time

I dreamt last night that I was a Detective Inspector. I dreamt you could call me Guv or Boss but not Ma’am. However, I also dreamed that I found a dangerous window where kids had been bringing in Christmas groceries from a sloped roof and it was really tricky to close. However, I managed to do it.

My career dream, belated as it is, would be to have a career in the Police, I’d love to be a D.I. To lead teams on big enquiries, to have a boss who is crabby but bogged down with reports, budgets and targets, to have criminals quake in fear when they saw me coming for them, to have the respect and, at times, the affection of my team.

I fear that my dream must remain just that, because windows that are open which shouldn’t be is probably about my speed. If you were to present me with a washed up and mutilated body, I’d puke. If I had to deal with child sex offenders, I’d puke. If one of my colleagues was shot in the line of duty, I’d puke.

I think you get the idea. I’m just not cut of stern enough stuff in RL to have gone down that path, but in my dreams… I’m fearless, those windows better watch out!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | [La Baguette] Kazi G Sit Poses ([La Baguette] Mainstore)
Scene | Astralia Calm Beach Scene Backdrop (N21 Gacha, 22 Apr – 12 May)
Skin | ELYSIUM Zhenya Catwa (with Omega body appliers) (Powder Pack Catwa – April)
Blush | Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty – 1 of 4 (Powder Pack Catwa – April)
Eyeshadow | Zibska Mikao Catwa/Omega Applier 1 of 12 (Powder Pack Catwa – April)
Lips | #adored enamoured lips – happy hour edition Catwa/Omega 1 of 18 (Powder Pack Catwa – April)
Hair | *Besom Felici Hair – Blondes HUD (N21, 22 Apr – 12 May)
Bikini | Vinyl Psykini Bikini & Leg Chains [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Uber, 25 Apr – 23 May)


Vinyl’s brand new Psykini can be found at Uber (Hampton’s round) in 16 different colors, each color comes with a Striped version as well as a solid version. You’ll also get leg chains which come with an included HUD to change colour/texture. I love the fit, the style and the colours. Don’t hesitate bikini lovers… go grab some.

Besom’s Felici Hair can be found at N21 til the 12 May, it’s an updo which is casual but has style. I wore the blondes as per usual. You can move it around your head a little to make your hairline on point, as it’s modifiable.

And finally, this is my last post from April’s Powder Pack Catwa Edition and my fifth full look including skin from the one pack. I think that’s pretty awesome. No other pack so far has had so many full skins in. Elysium’s skin with appliers for Catwa head and Omega body arrived late but is so cute. It comes in freckled and unfreckled versions, with eyebrow options, as well as eye make up and lipstick options. I just kept it simple – frecks no brows and then explored other make-up options in the pack for my Summery look.

Just Magnetized produced a pack with freckles, highlighter and blushers (4 of each) and I’ve used the frecks in a previous post. Today I went for the blush which is great for contouring the face.

Zibska’s Mikao eyeshadow is rainbow colours blended for a bright and arty look. I used one of the other Zibska eyeshadow packs supplied (I think there were 3 packs of eyeshadows and one of lipsticks from Zib) It’s adorable.

I returned to #adored’s lips for this post, partially because there weren’t that many lipsticks in the pack as standalone items this round (although there were plenty with skins) and partly cus I think they’re just lovely, plump and shiny, great colours.

Here’s some more pictures, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…


And finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. In case you didn’t realise, the reason for my little musical interludes is that I like to test out the rigging of each and every item I buy or wear… so yeah… I do dance at events half naked wearing demos. If you see me, just join in ❤


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