Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | You shall have a fishy

You shall have a fishie

It’s a gorgeous day here in Britainville, the sun is out and even though it’s not what you’d call warm, the suntrap concrete in the back yard of my Mum’s house felt good against my bare feet. Back in the day, my Mum would shout at me for going outside with no shoes on, but now she lets me do as I please and the sensation took me back years and years.

Sleeping in the bedroom that was once mine, still with luminous stars stuck on the ceiling seems to comfort me and I suppose when your current home stops being ‘home’ because it’s going to belong to somebody else soon, you look for ‘home’ where it last was.

Mum’s bathroom has a very, very old bathroom suite in it. The bath is huge, white and probably weighs a ton – none of that plastic stuff here. She’s promised me a bath later and the luxury of being able to stretch out and chill, rather than being cramped-up like usual, is a temptation I have no intentions of resisting.

I suppose I’d forgotten how cold it can be in these old houses. When I was a kid I’d sit down to watch TV wearing several sweaters, two pairs of socks and a hat, although the lack of a remote control for the first years of that ensured I didn’t get too cold while sedentary.

I’m going back home tomorrow to a ton of mess, plaster dust, paint splashes and most of my stuff in storage already. I’m going to knuckle down and make the best of it and hope that this little break sustains me for the next few weeks.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness, blog readers, I’m off to get some lunch.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | i [ DH ] – studio pose chair 1 (irrie’s Dollhouse Mainstore)
Cat | JIAN Pudgy Persians *SOI* Grubbin’ Cat (The Gacha Garden)
Hat/Hair | Beusy/$$$: Black Tesla Bandcap & Hair [Solid] (Beusy Mainstore)
Sandwich | Jian :: Retro Grilled Cheese – Pepperjack Sandwich (Jian Mainstore)
Boots | Pure Poison Fringe Ankle Boots (Pure Poison Mainstore)
Top | [American Bazaar] Black Magic Top [Mait/2Sli/2Bell/TMP] (The Dark Style Fair 4, til 22 May)
Jeans | [American Bazaar] Riptide Jeans [Mait/2Sli/2Bell/TMP] (The Dark Style Fair 4, til 22 May)


Jian’s Pudgy Persians set is awesome. You can have a fat cat on your head, your in your home. They wander, act as companion or sit where placed to bring you sulky-faced, plumper joy. I loved this ‘Grubbin Cat’ especially as he looks like he expected better than the salmon on his plate 😀

American Bazaar have two new releases for the Dark Style Fair 4 which is on now til 22nd of this month. The Black Magic Top is especially gorgeous, I love the design and colours. The jeans are strategically ripped and although it took a bit of alpha play to make it possible, they look spot on.

In the pics below, I’m including a gacha key for the Jian Pudgy Persians and a poster for Powder Pack for Catwa, May edition, with a preview of those designers committed to taking part. Be a great time for you to pop along and pre-purchase your pack at the bargain 1500l$, here’s the Powder Pack website with more information for you – Powder Pack.


And finally, here is my ‘jigging for the rigging’ video. Any issues you spot are my fault, I noted nothing to distress you in garment behaviour!


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