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Grassy Valley

You know that feeling when you’re knelt in an idyllic grassy area and suddenly a light from above draws your attention… you wonder if it’s a huge moon, or a UFO, or a brand new Tesco superstore just opening up behind you when one wasn’t there a moment ago.

After hearing highlights of the Conservative Party manifesto, as we move towards the general election in June here in the UK, it put me in mind of things from other planets. So… currently a pensioner in the UK can have up to 23k (I think) of savings or assets other than their home and be able to get care in the home should they need it. I guess this includes what they used to call district nursing, or help getting themselves up and dressed, or fed. Believe me, they don’t get a lot of help, but what they do can enable them to stay in their own home rather than having to sell up and pay for care in a care facility.

So the Tories proudly announced they were increasing this limit to 100k… but including in that the value of any property lived in by the pensioner, or owned by them. So basically, in a nutshell, they are effectively reducing that figure to zero and that means that pensioners here will either get no care because they can’t afford it, or they will have to pay for it by selling the roof over their head, so they will have to go live in an old people’s home anyway.

It’s yet another slap in the face for those people who have worked all their lives, paid taxes and managed to buy their own home. Another way in which the country seems to be designed only to work for those who never make any effort or who are already sitting happily on pile of money.

A current example of this is less dramatic, but nevertheless, a little unfair. My Aunty has always lived in rented properties. She’s in her 80s. She gets the same amount of money as my Mum in terms of a state pension – that’s fair enough. Except, my Aunty gets her boiler checked and her gas fires maintained regularly, if anything goes wrong with the tiles on her roof or the pipes carrying water, the landlord sorts it out. She doesn’t have to pay buildings insurance, because it’s not her building. She gets her rent paid by the state, because she has no savings. My Mum also has no savings, because she’s spent them all on maintaining her little house, on paying for people to come in and check her boiler. Her gas fires haven’t been checked for years because it’s an expense she could do without (don’t worry, I’m onto it) but yeah… you get the idea. Already someone who owns a house they live in is worse off than someone who has never tried to own a property.

The working classes, it seems, can go screw themselves – again.

I have a small hope, a small ray of light (maybe the one shining from the sky in my picture) and that is that the millions of walking dead in this country will finally wake up to what is happening. The Conservative government will continue to make things like this happen. We need to actually go out there and vote for the beardy-guy-Corbyn. Labour may not be comprised of the smart-arsed upper classes, but by god, Corbyn will make sure your mother gets help when she’s old. He’ll make sure your children get care on the NHS and an education right up to and including university – for free.

This was a political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party. Never let it be said I didn’t do my bit 😀

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Gates of Melancholy
Pose | RM – Art of Poses – Smack Butt (RM Poses Mainstore)
Hair | *TKW* Haase Hair – Colours HUD 02 (Hairology, til 30 May)
Outfit | Addams Dalmain Body Chain Pantsuit [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)


The Addams Dalmain Body Chain is actually a pantsuit, although you can’t tell from my picture because of its adaptability. You can alpha out various areas of it, so you can have it as a mid-calf pantsuit, or a long flare leg pantsuit, or a top. It comes also with the inbuilt underwear shown which can also be visible or alpha’d out via the provided HUD. You can change the stone colours and choose from different thingamabobs so it looks more ‘stoney’ in different light settings. You can do almost anything with it. I’m showing you the full suit in a picture below too. Why not hop on over to Addams and try a demo, it’s quite a mindblowing experience.

TKW’s Haase hair is one of their new releases for Hairology in the May round. It’s a cute and relaxed ‘bunches’ style with some cool colour options via the available HUDs. I went for the no.2 colours HUD which includes fades from white, brown and black into various colours.

Here’s my pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…


Finally, let’s do some jigging in the rigging. It feels like we should dance (and vote Labour) and dance some more…


  • Well said! If the Conservatives get in again, it’ll be the worst thing for the country – ever.

    On a lighter note – “You know that feeling when you’re knelt in an idyllic grassy area and suddenly a light from above draws your attention” If I’m knelt in an idyllic grassy area, the only thing that draws my attention is when somebody opens the picnic basket 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I should have known you’d be all about the pic-a-nic basket Yogi! I thought about you while I was writing this and somehow knew your politics would be similar to mine Moz… you’re so darn perfect haha 🙂


  • New Zealand is coming to the end of nine years (three terms) of our equivalent (National) to your Tory party being in power. They have, as I predicted when they first tore the reins from Labours faltering grip, eviscerated the welfare system, murdered the education system, smashed affordable housing, decimated policing… but don’t worry, the 1 to 2 percent at the top have become vastly richer, dozens more American billionaires now own huge chunks of gorgeous NZ wilderness which Kiwi’s will now never get to own or even see, the gap between real poverty (which never existed here before) and obscene wealth (the recent PM’s asshole teenage son becoming a twitter star/wanna-be-DJ, complete with ex-model rich-girl girlfriend, purely on the grounds of his daddy’s wealth/power) has become blatant. The thing is, I bet the jerks get back in again, because the poor people/students/non-professionals… the ones who loved the creepy asshole (I’ve no idea why he was so loved, he was a slimy creep) who was our PM for the last 9 years, yet are the very one’s he’s been shafting; most of those people don’t vote!… lots of them don’t read anything that’s not on Facebook! So, totally empathise with what you are saying, but do not hold much hope for a little-persons revolution any more. Sadly.
    On a much happier note… totally LOVE that top photo! Love, love, love (:

    Liked by 1 person

    • It makes me so sad that you’re so right. Gotta go down fighting though. And thank you so much too. X


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