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BVN Adventurer Mericat Ireland

I want to talk to you today about how to go about making friends in SL. Some find it hard to do, but on the other hand, you come into contact with some seriously great people along the way and so why not make that extra bit of effort to make sure they never forget you either!

I already knew Kess and Del when I joined BVNSL. Kess and I have so much in common in terms of our experience in SL – we both have owned clubs and run them, we both DJ and we are both bloggers. We also share some good laughs. Del is someone I liked straight away because I could tell from her slightly kooky antics that we were going to be great friends and make so many great memories together. The three of us didn’t always hang out together much though, which made me a little sad.

I made sure I kept up with what they were up to each day and saved all the precious pictures of them I could find online to put on their photo wall in my house, it looks so great, they’re just going to freak when they see it. When I met Trouble, he was so nice, polite and actually – ironically – no trouble at all. He even put me in his magazine, so I knew he found me just as fascinating as I did him.

A week or so ago, I decided these were such great people that it was time I let them know how much I appreciate them. I hit them up and told them I had recently got some new kittens and had just swung by the store to pick up some cones, ice-cream and flakes to make my own 99s – they should totally come over and hang out. You know, they did and I showed them my secret special place where nobody else goes too! Sharing good things and secrets is an important part of forging a bond with your new friends.

The Secret Garden at AAi is so lovely, walled all the way around and not overlooked by anybody at all. I swear you could have the loudest party and scream and shout all day long and nobody would raise an eyebrow at all.

We’ve had the best time together so far. They were a bit sad when it started to get dark and I had to go home, but soon understood that I was truly committed to us being together – forever. Kess settled quite quickly, I even let her out on Friday nights now so she can go DJ at AAi, she’s so great. Del is a little firecracker and makes me laugh so hard. She was being a bit noisy and so for a joke I put a ballgag in her mouth and she quieted right down. Haha. Trouble still isn’t any trouble although that first time he peed in the bucket (as he’s doing in this picture, he pees sooo much) and he threw the contents at me, it did take me a few days to see the funny side.

You know what warms my heart? They’re always so happy to see me when I come to feed them and because they care about my feelings, they’re careful never to piss me off in case I don’t come back again next day.

They’re the best friends I ever had and I’m so happy our adventure together has only just begun.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | AAi Secret Garden
Pose | {Imeka} Sits 02 – Pose 4 (Imeka Mainstore)
Kittens | JIAN Kitten Collection (Jian Mainstore)
Crates | Toro. Crates (Toro. Mainstore)
Hair | Beusy ‘Josie’ Blondes HUD (Rewind, til 30 May)
Shoes | REIGN. Espadrille Flats (Uber, til 23 May)
Romper | Blueberry Nikita Romper with BlueberryBooty (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


For the purposes of clarity and sanity, I should explain that this blog is on a theme and the theme is one set by the Blogger and Vlogger Network who set a challenge to take a cutout of Kess, Del and Trouble out on an adventure. So I did. Never let it be said I don’t make considerable efforts to fulfill their requirements 😀

Blueberry’s Nikita Romper is available to absolutely everybody, not just psycho people, which is great news for 100% of you. It comes with two options – Blueberry Booty and Cutie Bootie – the cutie bootie option has a slightly looser arrangement around your posterior to allow a more modest look, but it’s also really really cute. I was stumped for choice. It’s a brand new mainstore release and perfect in every last detail. Do go try one, you’ll be sorely tempted by the exclusive textures (one shown) which are only available in the fatpack. I say go for it.

Here’s a few more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…


And finally, please enjoy the jigging in the rigging with a great (and appropriate) retro tune…




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