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All Yellow

Greetings Monday people! It’s Monday and simply beautiful weather here. The sun is golden, the bushes are in full bush and the grass looks perky and ambitious after all the rain last week.

I saw a horrible video on Facebook yesterday. A young man who was overweight went into a McDonalds and a troop of really horrible girls went at him, screaming and shouting at how disgusting he was and how he shouldn’t be in there. The guy was actually cowering from the onslaught. It was sickening. This happened here in the UK and didn’t stop until another guy got involved and eventually dumped his carton of Sprite all over her head. She seemed to pipe down a bit then, so looks to me like Sprite beats spite.

I had my own small and rather strange experience of body shaming last week too. A woman on Reddit decided not only to say that my avatar was a ‘hideous monstrosity’ and malformed, but suggested that in RL, I must be clinically obese to have such an avatar. That really blows my mind! Not only has she no evidence on which to base that opinion, but she’s willing and able to go out and troll other people with body shaming as her first objective.

Anyone who has considered body shaming anybody else – either for being too fat or too thin, having huge boobs or butt, or none at all, for having spectacles, spots, freckles, red hair, no hair, bow legs, knock knees – or anything at all to do with their appearance, should be made aware of this one truth (that their Momma should have told them already)…

Every imperfect person (for we all are) is a lot more beautiful than the abuser will ever be. The kind of ugliness cultivated by such a vile attitude is one that everybody around them can see and be repelled by.  Anybody who does such a thing is repugnant in the extreme and personally, I’d like to see more attitude shaming.

Let’s all go out there and support each other on our paths in life, let’s see each person as the cover of a book we haven’t read yet. And let’s stand up and be counted like the guy with the Sprite, because bullies cannot be allowed to win.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Shot of Tequila
Pose | Sari-Sari Comfy Sit 05 (Sari-Sari Mainstore)
Skin | amara beauty – Katie Skin, shade 04 of 12 [Catwa/Omegbody] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Eyeshadow | Izzie’s Under Eye Glitter, 1 of 20 [Catwa] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Lipstick | Izzie’s Glittery Lipsticks, 1 of 20 [Catwa] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Top | BUENO Rucy Top – Grey [Fitmesh/SliHG/2Bell] (Kustom9, til 10 June)
Shorts | Blueberry Side Tied Shorts [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Hair | tram G0210 Hair (tram Mainstore)
Necklace | Empyrean Forge Rhapsody Necklace (EF Marketplace)
Shoes | !Aphorism! Rora Wedges [Mait/Sli/Bell] (Kustom9, til 10 June)


So, the new Catwa Powder Pack is out for May! Oh how exciting it was to unpack all the little gems and joys within. I could have taken a ton of photos to show you, but I decided to instead use my newly honed vlogging skillz to talk you through it… so I made a vid to show you the HUDs of what I’m wearing today and how they work and some of the cool options available. Hope you like it! This is in addition to the ‘jigging for the rigging’ below. I’m not going to turn full vlogger on you, but it is useful for demonstrating things and I’ll do it every so often. I should say at one point, I seem to say that the Izzie’s eye make up includes lashes, but it does not. My mistake 🙂


Bueno brought out their newest release for Kustom9. It’s a lovely girly top named Rucy (such a pretty girl’s name :D) and it comes in a load of colours. It advertises itself as having Slink Hourglass and two Belleza bodies plus a fitmesh size, but the fitmesh size fits Maitreya Lara spot on for me. I mean, always try a demo, but I never have so much as an ounce of nipple poking out.

!Aphorism! have also brought out a new release for Kustom9 – the lovely Rora wedges. They also come in a range of colours (most muted but some more Spring-like options too) and in the mesh body sizes you have come to expect.

Here’s a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot for your inspection, Sir/Ma’am…


And finally, here is the ‘jigging for the rigging’. Let’s see if Bueno’s ‘Rucy’ keeps my boobs in check.



  • Such a shame anyone could shame anyone based on their body type. I have a friend who suffers from obesity and I shiver to think how she might feel if she read anything like that person posted on your reddit. Apparently she bragged from making a lot of money as a designer too, so how awful to think someone who likes to degrade other women’s body sells stuff to adorn us. I do hope noone I know ever buys from her, although she hasn’t been brave enough to tell who she is/her store is.

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    • Quite Elbe, and it was our conversation last night that spurred me on to talk about it today. Hugs You xxx


  • Seriously there are some real plain nasty people out there. I would hate if I ever found my children capable of that, which know already they are not. But seriously how ashamed would a parent feel. Mind you often behaviours are passed down from one ignorant fool to another.
    I was at Hydra the other night and a woman had her avatar as she is in rl. Fuller and just a woman. I was like kudos to you for not bowing down to expectations of others. It actually warmed me to see and I think I will be changing my av at some stage to reflect more of a woman and less of a Barbie.

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  • I wish we – as human beings – would understand that an emotional onslaught as you’ve described causes just as much stress and damage to the body as a physical fights does. Hate someone enough and you make them more susceptible to serious disease. This has been known traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries but it’s not so well known in conventional western medicine or perhaps they just don’t want to know. For instance, if a lady has a philandering husband and this goes on and on, it makes her more susceptible to breast cancer because it disturbs her internal element of security and motherhood. At some point we just have to stop all this hate business, no matter what name it’s under.

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    • Yeah, cus it serves no-one, it gives out nothing worth having. Thanks for your input Moz, that’s very interesting about the Ayurvedic medicine. Hugs, have a great day x


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