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I was thinking about straplines this morning… no, not bra strap lines, business strap lines that marketing consultants come up with and get paid money for. One that makes me laugh is Sky’s ‘Believe in Better’. I mean, whoever swallowed that and included it obviously didn’t think about it from all perspectives. They might believe in better… but it was meant to be an instruction, i.e. believe in better and that better is Sky. But people who want to leave Sky believe in better too – and that’s why they go elsewhere. I’m not saying Sky is rubbish, I’m saying it’s a rubbish strapline.

Another one that tickles me is Playstation – This is living. Well, no, no it’s not. This is playing a game on a TV and ignoring the real world, it’s the exact opposite of ‘This is living’.  That’s like having a strapline for cigarettes reading ‘This is breathing’.


Straplines, originally, were an addendum of the name of the business to help people understand what it did. Imagine…

E. Roberts Repairs – TVs, Toasters, Radios

Amy Ash Designs – Weddings, Ballgowns, Occasionwear

You get the idea I’m sure. I’m not sure, however, when marketing people got it into their heads that they should go to town on the simple strapline to make it something deep and equally baffling. Nobody would have a clue what Sky – Believe in Better actually could do for you from that.

One day all these huge companies are going to wake up to the fact that someone dressed in a black polo neck has ripped them off for tens of thousands of pounds and come to me for help with marketing and a small slap for their trouble.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Skin | Glam Affair – Polly, Polar [Catwa Head only] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Eyes | SlackGirl Moon Eyes, 1 of 8 (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Mole | Just Magnetised Vanity Case [Catwa] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Lipsticks | Pink Fuel Essential Lipsticks Reds (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Eyeshadow | Zibska Hasina Eyemakeup, 1 of 10 [Cat/Omeg] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Blusher | Zibska Sarika Blush, 1 of 6, [Cat/Omeg] (Powder Pack Catwa – May)
Hair | .Entwined. Ruby – Light Blondes HUD (Fameshed, til 27 May)
Shoes | REIGN. Spring Tassel Wedges – Knee High (Reign Mainstore)
Dress | [American Bazaar] Jessica Jones Dress – Cherry [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Tres Chic, til 5 June)
Bracelet | [American Bazaar] Goth Bangle (Tres Chic, til 5 June)


American Bazaar have released a new dress ‘Jessica Jones’ in a selection of plush evening shades for Tres Chic this round, which is their 2nd Anniversary. You can hop on over til the 5th June and grab this lovely frock for your going out occasions.

Today is a vlog day for the May Catwa Powder Pack. As always, you can pick up the current Powder Pack for 3,000l$ and get all the items I’ve been blogging, or you can instead plump to wait for a brand new set of lovely things in June and pay 1500L$ in advance. Bargain.

Here’s the vid… I hope I don’t make any glaring errors and that you enjoy seeing all the goodies


Here’s some more photos including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And finally, never let me be accused of shortchanging you, here is the ‘jigging for the rigging’ video so we can test out the outfit. Let’s dance!


  • Very entertaining! I had no idea about straplines and neither do the companies that use them, apparently. I liked “A Mars a Day helps you work, rest and play” – an equally meaningless strapline but fun, all the same 🙂

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