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crazy cat lady

Do you know what’s crazier than a crazy cat lady? A lady who used to have cats but they died. Yuh… she remains a cat lady, but she’s nutty as a fruitcake and batty as a er… batty thing.

This, Reader, is what happened to me.

I have a huge photo portrait of my Darcy cat (the black cat) above my TV and I talk to her quite a lot actually. She’s quiet in the main, but then she was usually quiet when she was alive, so that’s not so different. The main difference is that if I open a tin of tuna or slice some cheese, she’s not wrapping herself around my legs to get some.

I think that the cats you love never truly go away, they’re always with you even if you can’t see them, maybe they’re in a dark corner or poking their nose around a doorway to peek at you. I don’t mean ghost cats, I guess I just mean their soul is imprinted on you forever.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | [KoKoLoReS] Foto Booth Ssh (KoKoLoReS Mainstore : KoKoLoReS Marketplace)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Kit Hair – VIP HUD – June Group Gift (KoKoLoReS Mainstore : KoKoLoReS Marketplace)
Shoes | Blueberry Angelberry, prev common Gacha, try (blueb. etc.(Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Dress | Blueberry – Date Night Lingerie Dress [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Decor | By Bueno, See details below (The Arcade, til 30 June)

Set One – Crazy Cat Lady Gacha Pack
BUENO-Crazy Cat Lady Neon Sign -Pink- RARE
BUENO -Neon Kitty-11 (Blue)
BUENO -Neon Kitty-2 (Pink)
BUENO -Neon Kitty-1 (Pink)
BUENO -Neon Kitty-3 (Pink)
BUENO -Neon Kitty-15 (Blue)
BUENO- Kitty Bag-Black (on sofa)
BUENO-Sitting Neon Bar (with sits) RARE

Set Two – It’s Happening Gacha Pack
BUENO- Pugs and kisses Neon Sign Pink
BUENO-Stone Skybox RARE
BUENO-Day Sofa (with sits)
BUENO-Pillows Pile -Day (with sits)
BUENO-Rug -Pink
BUENO-Cupcake ATM Purple
BUENO- Unicorn Tears Cooler (for hangovers)
BUENO – Whiskey Cooler (for fun)


So much news! Okay, the Arcade is now open and will stay so until June 30th (so don’t get your knickers in a twist if you can’t get in today) and there are some really sweet treats on offer from Bueno this round. They have not one but two opportunities to ‘gacha’ to your heart’s content. The Crazy Cat Lady Gacha Pack consists in the main of neon signs with which you can express your cat adoration, but that isn’t all, there is a huge sitting bar with various sitting positions, shown in one of my additional pictures below and there are some cat handbags 🙂

The ‘It’s happening’ Gacha Pack (why did that make me think of Twin Peaks?) has some really sweet items in it too including the sofa, rugs, coolers, cupcake ATM and more neon signage (mostly pug related – Pug Life etc – not shown).

Blueberry’s Date Night Lingerie set has taken the ladybodies by storm already. It consists of a bra, panties and a dress all in the same design and utterly gorgeous. I’m actually putting the vendor picture in the additional pics below so you can see all the items available. You should nip over to Blueberry main and pick yourself up this pack asap, not that it’ll sell out, but you could be wearing it right now!

KoKoLoReS have totally revamped their texture packs. There are 25 textures per pack. Naturals, Ombre, Rainbow and Balayage now have a roots option. Each hud will cost 299L. Accents has the natural colours for base option plus 25 accent colours and is also 299l$

Unicorn Dreams is a fun hud – it has six glowy, funky, pastel-y colour options for only 99L

Group VIPs can also look forward to having this lovely hair shown for nothing, nada, just a kiss and a thank you with their own exclusive six colour hud – these colours are not taken from the naturals pack!

The KoKoLoReS Kit hair is released today (June 1st) at the mainstore with all of the new HUDs for you to go and choose from. Hit the hut hair harpies.

Ok now the additional pics… I think I might do it in sections this time with the creator images first and then my own snapshots.


Cripes, so many pictures. Okay… now for the jigging for the rigging video! Cat themed, of course.


  • Oh yes, I understand you! I had a cat for 14 years. She died long ago but she is present -on a lot of photos shown as background on my PC and in my mind. I never forget her. She made my life so wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s strange isn’t it? They’re our friends forever. Hugs you Aida, I’m glad you ‘still have’ your cat too x

      Liked by 1 person

  • Awwws, I remember my cat Humbug, she was the fence cat. In all weathers she liked to sit on the fence between our house and the neighbour’s. She would even go for a walk with you! At the time I didn’t realise what a special cat she was.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol! Fence cat 😀 My cat would love to have been like Humbug, but Darcy was too chubby when she was young enough to get up there… in fact she contributed to the breaking of a fence panel. A cat who will walk with you probably still does, I think. Hugs 🙂


  • I had to put my cat of 12 years down last summer, and I will occasionally see a gray kitty walking about my neighborhood that is just a spitting image of my cat. It’s a little crazy, but I like to imagine that it’s actually the spirit of my old friend out stalking his old haunts.

    Also, RAWR! I hadn’t seen this release from Blueberry yet, but I know what I’m buying this evening. Lovely photos, Meri, and thanks for pointing me in the direction of a dress that, I’m certain, will turn some heads.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw Keyli, I know how that feels, and to me it’s like a little kick in the stomach followed by hope and that’s kind of lovely. There’s something about cats and you feel that their essence can’t die. ❤ And the dress! Wow, you be careful out there, it can turn heads, hearts and ankles if they turn around too fast x


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