Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Pirate Booty


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Well, actually it’s a cup of tea I have at the moment, but yo ho ho anyway.

I remembered something this morning that I hadn’t thought about in so many years. When I was 16, I was ‘in town’ with some of my friends and we kind of met up with another group of girls we didn’t know so well and stood talking with them. One of them, Joanne, a rough-looking sort with muscles on her muscles asked me to go into Boots with her. I said ‘okay’ and followed her in. She went to the make-up counter, pointed at a lipstick and said to me ‘Put that one in your pocket’.

I said ‘Er, no. If you want it, put it in your own pocket’ and walked out the shop.

The thing is, I didn’t realise until this morning that she was trying to intimidate me into stealing the lipstick. It really struck me as funny… and then I realised. You can’t be bullied or intimidated easily when you know who you are.

If someone had said ‘Do you think you can take her in a fight?’ I’d probably have said no. Indeed, fighting was not something I liked to do. So I think most battles happen in the mind.

Know your own mind, be comfortable in your own skin and don’t be swayed by anybody else when you feel in your bones you’re right. You probably are.

Pirate Meri also says tomorrow is polling day here in the UK. I’m not going to tell you what to do – after all, you know your own mind, but please do think about voting for the good of the many, rather than the privileged few.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Bremusa Coast – Pirate Lair
Poses | Stiff Pose – The Casual Raider (Stiff Pose Mainstore)
Hair | TRUTH Polilla Blondes HUD (Truth Mainstore)
Outfit | Vinyl – The Bastille Gacha Set, see details (The Arcade, til 30 June)

Vinyl Bastille Belt RARE
Vinyl Bastille Horns with Ribbon RARE
Vinyl Bastille Picasso Eyepatch
Vinyl Bastille Studded Leg STrap
Vinyl Bastille Star Leg Strap
Vinyl Bastille Necklace
Vinyl Bastille Kripac Skirt RARE
Vinyl Bastille Kripac Top RARE


Vinyl’s Bastille Gacha Set is just so kooky adorable. There are many elements which you can win via gachaing, with both rare and common versions of the skirt and top available. See the gacha key below for more details. Each element except the horns came with it’s own colour/texture option HUD too. It’s fab, go play!

I apologise profusely for not providing the SURL for Pirate Lair… I must have had some kind of brain fart. Hopefully if you’d like to go visit that RP sim, you can find it by searching inworld.

Here’s some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot and a gacha key…

And finally, let’s do some ‘jigging in the rigging’ to check it all stays in place when we’re rampaging through ships full of treasure!


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