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From the 80s

I think one of the main things people forget about fashion bloggers is that they love shopping. Some people think bloggers only blog because they want ‘free things’ but that’s not true – certainly not in my case. I was just doing so much shopping and putting together of outfits for my blog that it seemed inevitable that I’d take on ‘sponsors’ (not keen on that word, but hey) at some point.

I truly love the produce of all those guys I list on the left of the page and that’s why I blog them, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other stores I love too and I wanted to share some of them with you.

When I put this outfit together (I shopped for purpose y’see) I had a distinct idea in mind of how I wanted it to look and it wasn’t til I saw it all together I realised – it was very 80s!

You might not think so if you always think of Ra-ra skirts and big hair, shoulder pads and heels, but the the 80s was also the beginning of a time when women wore more masculine cuts and a safari inspired look, due partly to all the 80s movies like Raiders of the Lost Arc and Crocodile Dundee. I’ve always thought it was cute.

I’ve put a collage together to show you some of the inspiration…

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | The Golden Wood
Pose | Le Poppycock – Get Some Flat Feet (Le Poppycock Mainstore)
Glasses | [Fetch] Mystic Sunglasses (Fetch Mainstore)
Hair | Truth – Vixen Hair Blondes HUD (Truth Mainstore)
Necklace 1 | =Zenith= Dream Catcher Tassel Necklace (Zenith Mainstore)
Necklace 2 | Mandala Onliest Necklace (Mandala Mainstore)
Socks | Maitreya Dahlia Socks Flat/Mid/High [Mait/ss] (Maitreya Mainstore)
Shoes | Vale Koer Queens Runners (Vale Koer Mainstore)
Shirt | Kitja – Rachel Shirt Blue (Kitja Mainstore)
Shorts | The Secret Store – Audra Linen Shorts Taupe (The Secret Store)


Ok so a mini review of the items is coming up 🙂 I love Vale Koer even though they are not the cheapest producers of great footwear, but it’s worth it. I splashed out for the fatpack so I could play with the colour combinations via HUD.

I’ve been a longtime Mandala fan too and own a good deal of what they have produced over the years. The Onliest Necklace shown is a part of a 3 necklace set, so you can wear them all or only part as shown.

Zenith’s Dream Catcher Necklace is oooold now, but so cute, I’ve always loved the colour and design. I often like Zenith’s clothing designs too but I find a lot of alphaing is required and then your body ends up looking an entirely different shape. I generally prefer clothes that look more real on, like I’m simply wearing something.

Kitja’s Rachel Shirt is adorable, I do love a casual tied up shirt look and this one is done especially nicely. It did need some alpha’ing but I felt it kept the essence of my shape pretty well!

The Secret Store Audra Linen Shorts are lush. I already had a pair that I think I picked up at Collabor88, but I couldn’t resist going to the mainstore and getting a couple of other colours too. Lovely fit, lovely style. If I had one wish, it’d be a HUD for the belt so you could remove it or change the leather colour, but hey ho… you can’t always have everything.

I often pop by Maitreya’s main store too. I mean, not only did they make the very body I stand up in, but they were responsible for some of my very early purchases in SL, particularly of shoes. It’s like returning to the mother planet. I love the quality and wish only that they were more prolific so I could get more stuff.

The same goes for Truth Hair in all honesty. I might not drop over there for a while but then when I do, it’s several hairs that end up in my basket. It’s also worth knowing for any of you out there looking for a bargain that Truth has a very well populated reduced section of some great hair (this isn’t one – this is still in the ‘front room’).

Here’s some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And finally, of course, jigging in the rigging. I did have Madonna’s ‘Lucky Star’ here for your aural pleasure but sadly, copyright blocked… Aww Maddy! Never mind, some generic music you can pretend is 80s pop now follows.



  • Thoroughly agree! I’m an avid shopper and have my favourite stores, I will buy from them and maybe not use the pieces for ages and then remember I’ve got them and be happy all over again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s such a thrill 🙂 I love helping me such to blog but choosing and buying is so much fun. Hugs


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