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So yesterday afternoon, I decided it was time to file my tax return online. I sat down to do so and realised that, with all the packing into boxes and putting boxes into storage, I’d managed to pack my login and password for the site. Ok, I thought, there has to be a way to deal with this. I shall follow the instructions to ‘verify’ myself. It went like this…

I followed the links through  a couple of websites, and got to the company who were going to verify me. I gave them a ton of information about myself, including bank details, driving licence etc.

They asked if I had a passport or a National Identity card from another country and I said I did not (passport is out of date). They seemed so disappointed they asked me a couple more times.

They told me to download an app to my phone, I did that. The app made me take a photo of my driving licence and then… surprise! I had to take a picture of myself looking like the picture on my driving licence… not so easy. I look like Morticia Addams in my driving licence photo. I quickly ran to my dressing table, put my straighteners through my crazy curly frizzy Summer hair in an effort to look more Morticia and slapped on a little make-up. I then made sure I looked miserable on the photo.

It still didn’t look much like the driving licence photo but the app seemed satisfied.

The site said it had to wait to verify me. I was pretty sure the 10 mins were required so one guy at a computer somewhere could call ‘Hey you guys, come look at these horrible pictures of this woman, hahaha’. I waited 10 mins and sure enough, I was then verified. It returned me to the self-assessment tax site. The site said ‘Great, you’re verified, you can sign in now as long as you have your UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference)’. Gah! That is also in the box in storage.

It said to call the HMRC helpline to get my UTR. I called, I gave the machine my information, yes, all of it and I had to say ‘My voice is my password’ about 100 times in order to set well… I’m sure you can guess, in order to set my voice as my password.

After waiting a long time for someone to answer my call, I logged into the online Chat Help System and waited there too. After 20 mins I got somebody on chat and hung up the phone where I was still queueing. I had to put my question in first and then wait for him to respond. He took ages. I checked some paperwork and then when I looked back, he had responded 2 mins ago and said ‘You don’t seem to be responding, if you do not respond in the next 2 mins, I will close this chat’.

I quickly typed in ‘I’m here’ and then gave him the information he’d requested to verify who I am (again). He didn’t respond. I waited a few minutes and then copied and pasted his ‘You don’t seem to be responding…’ message back to him with a wink at the end.

He responded, although without any trace of humour, and was able to tell me my UTR. Hurrah! Except I had now spent an hour and a half trying to get into the site, and still not done any taxpaying at all. I had to go start making dinner.

I know they have to have security, but frankly, I’m not that fussed if someone hacks my self-assessment tax return and pays my tax for me, in fact, it’s a wild and dizzy dream.

HMRC popped up a form asking for feedback and I referred them back to their 2011/2012 advertising slogan – “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing – except this time it was”.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Corlevoli Forest
Pose | Drunk Panda – Smell Like Summer (Drunk Panda Mainstore : Drunk Panda Marketplace)
Skin | NEW! [MUDSKIN] Sora Skins Catwa Applier [Catwa/Mait/Omeg] (Powder Pack Catwa – June)
Brows | NEW! Izzie’s Catwa Applier Brows (Powder Pack Catwa – June)
Plaster | NEW! SlackGril BandCuteAid (Powder Pack Catwa – June)
Shoes | REIGN. Arianna Sneakers [Mait/Sli/Bell/TMP] (Reign Mainstore)
Bag | C’est la vie messy bag (C’est la vie Mainstore)
Hair | Lamb. Wake Up, prev gacha, try (Lamb Mainstore)
Scarf | ::LFE:: Lola Scarf (::LFE:: Marketplace)
Jewellery | **RealEvil** Anvoir Watch & Bracelet Set (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Top | Tee*fy Alyssa Tucked Tank Top [Mait/Sli/Bell] (Tee*fy Mainstore)
Jeans | NEW! Blueberry DWL Jeans – Capri [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


There’s been a lot of anticipation for Blueberry’s new jeans, not just cus they were sure to be gorgeous, but because for the very first time, they were doing a collaboration with Deadwool to make some men’s jeans too. Now they’re out, most of us are extremely happy with the variations on offer. Women can have normal skinnies (to the ankle), Capri jeans as shown and also some lovely bootcut full length jeans in two options – for flats or heels. Wonderful. One guy I know is gutted with the Blueberry/Deadwool release (available from Deadwool’s store) because he so wanted some bootcuts for men, y’know, proper ones that go over the tops of ankle boots, and who knows, one day he may be in luck, but it was not this day.

I have my fourth talky video about the Powder Pack for Catwa this June coming up, featuring Mudskin, Izzie’s and SlackGirl. The final one will be on Monday.

Here are some more pictures for you, including my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And finally, let’s go and do some jigging for the rigging… we’re doing the funky chicken today, cus it was going through my head during all the time on hold yesterday 😀





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