Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | The Ice-Cream Thief

The Ice cream thief

It was getting towards tea-time and Meri should be going home. It had been a long, hot day and she couldn’t help but notice that the kids who live under the bridge had been out in the sun all day, with no caring parents to dole out sun-tan lotion and drinks.

The kids who lived under the bridge bothered her, friendly but feral, fiercely independent but still children. She knew they wouldn’t come home with her if she offered. Meri wished she had some money left in her pockets so she could at least buy them some food and a few bottles of water.

They watched the everyday townies with guarded expressions, sometimes playing with other kids but shying away like nervous horses if the parents came near.

Meri began her walk home and tonight her feet felt heavy with a combination of worry and guilt. She should do something, anything, to show them that she actually noticed.

Then she saw the Ice-Cream shop and before she knew what she was doing, her legs had carried her inside. She ordered two items at random, just confirming that they should be ‘large’ when asked, her heart beating too fast and her face reddening.

When the ice-cream was handed over to her, she yelled ‘I’ll be back tomorrow, sorry!’ and ran full pelt from the shop towards the bridge. She’d pay him back, of course. But needs must.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Willow Lake Estate Family RP 
Pose | Apple Spice – Action Pose (Apple Spice Marketplace)
Glasses | Izzie’s Miami Neon Sunglasses blue (Izzie’s Mainstore)
Socks | Maitreya Dahlia Socks Sky (Maitreya Mainstore)
Trainers | CandyDoll Runway Mint Sneakers (CandyDoll Mainstore)
Hair | Beusy Spoiled Mesh Hair (Beusy Mainstore)
Tops | BUENO Jun Tank Top & Bikini [Mait/HG/Frey/Isis] (Uber, til 23 July)
Shorts | BUENO Denim Cut Shorts [Mait/HG/Frey/Isis] (Uber, til 23 July)


BUENO’s new releases for Uber are the Jun Tank Top and Bikini Top and the Denim Cut shorts. Each comes in various colours – denim shades for the shorts and a wide variety of colours and textures for the bikini top, as well as plenty of plain colour options for the overtank.

I had a look around Uber yesterday and found it was really good this round. The theme is camping out and so much of the clothing is casual and Summery and I picked up a shedload of demos to try on at home.

Here’s some more pics, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…



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