Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Captain Awesome and the final bullet

Captain Awesome

Captain Awesome had already had quite a day. The helicopter which he had commandeered earlier really pulled towards the left, like an errant shopping trolley, causing him to get quite an unpleasant ache in the shoulder of his gun arm. The silent drop off to the top of the building had hardly gone to plan, as there was a glass section in the centre of the roof and all of Divor’s henchmen could see him as he landed, struggling to detach himself from his line, like a seriously pissed-off trout.

Awesome thought that things had certainly changed from those days when he could simply wink and his charming smile and dashing moustache would gain him entry to almost anywhere, including the most unchartered regions of a few ladies.

Luckily, he managed to pick off the awkwardly bulky, suit-wearing henchmen as they came through the exit door onto the roof, Awesome himself was shooting from behind a large air conditioning unit, which now left him only needing to deal with the man himself.

Awesome re-filled his weapon, keeping half an eye on the mountain of heavily-armed-but-mostly-dead beefcake piled up against the door. He was confident but not foolhardy. He knew Divor would have a surprise or two up his sleeve.

“So, Arse-ome, we meet again”

The Captain was rudely jolted from his reverie by the voice of Divor behind him and a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Divor…” Awesome turned and rose from his crouched position, “…I see I am outflanked”

Divor laughed his maniacal laugh, “Outflanked, outranked and plum out of luck, I’m afraid”.

“Luck has nothing to do with this Divor, I’m here to do a job and I won’t leave until it’s done”

“Be my guest” taunted the villain, spreading his arms wide before raising his AK-47 to aim at Awesome. Captain Awesome took a dive and quickly rolled behind the next aircon unit, bullets spraying the soft surface of the roof at his heels.

The next few minutes passed in a haze of gunfire and Awesome worked hard to keep his nerve. He was down to only one bullet in the chamber, Divor was driving him backwards towards the edge of the roof and what lay beyond that was only oblivion. Captain Awesome knew when he was beat, but he still had one last chip to play.

“Wait!” He called and the rain of bullets ceased.  He stepped out and raised his hands “Let me end this my own way, Divor, you owe me at least that”. Divor laughed again “I owe you nothing, you ridiculous ass, but finish this your own way if you must. Take the cowardly way out.”

Awesome backed slowly towards the very edge of the huge highrise, keeping his eyes firmly on Divor. As his foot felt the edge, he said a quick prayer in his head and stepped backwards.

As his body fell back, Captain Awesome’s arms raised in what looked like surrender. In that instant, Divor lowered his gun and a mocking and triumphant smile creased his ugly face. Awesome saw his shot and pulled the trigger of his silenced weapon, delivering his final bullet to the centre of the most dangerous man in the world’s forehead.

As Awesome fell, he thought of all the women he’d bedded, all the villains he’d taken down, all the champagne he’d consumed and wished he had time for one last cigar before…

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Barrington Manor Condos
Pose | grafica – Captain Awesome Pose Set (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Gun | BUENO Silent Gun Black (Bueno Mainstore)
Moustache | PUNCH Gunslinger Mustache Septum (Punch Mainstore)
Boots | Wonton: Owen Military Zip Boots in Pine (Wonton Mainstore)
Hair | Moon x [VALE KOER] Hair/Goggles Fatal Horizon, prev event, try (Moon Mainstore)
Shorts | Vinyl Bon Booty Shorts [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Uber, til 23 July)
Hoodie | Vinyl Malcolm Hoodie – Solid [Mait/2Sli/3Bell] (Uber, til 23 July)


Vinyl’s new releases for Uber are so cute. The Bon Booty Shorts and the Malcolm Hoodie are out now for Maitreya, both Slink bodies and all three Belleza bodies. The Hoodie comes in a choice of plain colours (shown) or textured looks (separate hoodie and HUD).

As I said the other day, great crop at Uber this time. I’ve STILL got to try on the demos and go back to buy the things I want, but I will, there’s no rush. It’s not like I only have seconds before my imminent death.

And no, I’m not telling you what happened to Captain Awesome. Not today anyway.

(I should also make clear that my Captain Awesome is not related in any way to the children’s books published around 2012. I simply named my character after grafica’s great pose set).

Here are some more pictures, including a ‘well lit, no shit’ shot…

And here is the jigging for the rigging video. We’re celebrating Awesome today, so come dance with me!


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