Toast and fried eggs


Oh I think I know what you’re thinking… toast and fried eggs is so wrong. I mean, it’s just wrong. Toast and scrambled eggs, poached eggs or with a boiled egg is fine. Toast and fried eggs isn’t meant to be. And yet for some bizarre reason, my heart has chosen to love a man who thinks eggs on toast implies fried eggs.

If ever you’ve wondered what I’m thinking about as I gaze off into the middle-distance in one of my photos, it’s probably that.

I accept, nobody is perfect. But he’s just wrong.

Love means I concoct this strange recipe for him upon demand, of course I do, but truly I’d prefer he understood the twisted nature of his perversion and let me do him something more palatable.

He’s also largely given up bacon since they announced it has definite links to cancer. He told me this news quite calmly like it might not affect me much. I was smoking a cigarette at the time so said something benign like ‘Oh really darling, that’s nice’ and moved the conversation on.

The only way I was actually happy to serve him fried eggs with bread was in a sandwich with bacon, so now that’s out the window too.

Some days it’s harder to cope with than others. Sometimes he asks me if everything is okay and I reassure him because ultimately, it’s not his fault. At some point in his early life, some grown-up gave him his first serving of fried eggs on toast and watched him eat it without giving a second’s thought to the potential repercussions down the line.

Think of me next time you crack an egg.

What ARE you wearing?

Glasses – [Z O O M] Lissa Cat Glasses
Necklace – !APHORISM! Necklace Beads – White
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Vic Mesh Hair
Top – Cynful Jasmin’s Crop Top & Spiral Armlets – Commotion Event from 19 April
Knickers – Giz Seorn Arwen Bikini Bottom – Powder Blush


My heart sings with joy because the gorgeous Cynthia of Cynful told me I could blog for them again now I’m back and so I skipped merrily along and picked up this little cracker of a top to show you all. Itttt’s so lush, fits beautifully and the colour shown is an extra in the fatpack (one of five).

However, they do not state implicitly that you should not wear the spiral armlets in the water and they probably should cus I got some light green staining on my arms where the armlets had begun to rust in the salt water. Took some scrubbing off I can tell you. So don’t you wear them in the water.

I took the pic at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which is a beautifully done beach sim without shedloads of naked noobs running about.

In other news, Meri consistently wears her Maitreya Lara body and Catwa head. And that ring is from Mandala and I wear it all the time.



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