I think it’s gonna rain today


It’s not very often I do a blog that concentrates on one creator, but it does happen occasionally. I’ve blogged KoKoLoReS since 2015, of course, I took a sizeable break during that time, but the owner Sisch Firecaster aka Leyla Flux was kind enough to let me know I could continue when I returned. I don’t know if I will take on more new designers in the future, but at the moment, I have many of the sponsors back I enjoyed blogging for ‘before the break’. And they’re special to me.

KoKoLoReS don’t just do hair, they do pose sets too and so it’s quite exciting when I get a pack from them, because it could be either. Recently Sisch did a survey on her own site, asking her customers what they thought about certain aspects of her colour packs to gain feedback before re-working her hairs and the HUD that came with them.

The results are just now coming to fruition. She says… “So here they are, my first two alpha hairs and the all new 2019 All-in-One colour hud!  The new colour hud has 192 textures, plus a tinting option.

These are completely new, hand painted textures. I’ve put a lot of work and love into them, and I hope you will like ’em! There are a few empty spots on the hud, too, so I’m open to suggestions for some colours you feel that are missing.

Hairs will be copy/NO MOD/NO TRANS from now on, simply because I see no other way with full/mostly alpha hair. If you mess with the textures, it will break. If you try to unlink stuff, it will break. So it’s safer this way. The hud has a tinting panel, so I hope customers won’t be too unhappy about the no modify.

Both Kat and Nova are rigged styles. I experimented a lot with rigged/unrigged/resizable, and found that due to lag or SL being fickle, resizing can mess with the overlapping strands, and that again can cause alpha glitches.

So for now, I decided having the hairs rigged is safer. I will however try to work things out and maybe offer resizable hair again at some point in the future.

Needless to say, there still can be glitching – mainly with hairbases or make-up layers. Most of the time, right clicking the hair and choosing edit, then letting go again fixes those glitches.

Hair packages will be 369L from now on.”

369L$ for the full set of 192 textures/colours plus a tinting option… I just thought I’d recap that for you 😀 I’m impressed, seriously.

I do hope she doesn’t mind me sharing the content of her note to bloggers with you. She’s a creator who works hard, cares about her customer base and actually hears what they say to her. Plus, she does some of the most cool, attitude-full hair I’ve seen in SL. And I do love quirky!

You can also join her KoKoLoReS VIP Group for 250L$ which will give you 10% off the cost of purchases (excluding gacha and gift cards) when you wear the tag, plus free gifts. You can, for instance, go get Kat, which is the brand new sister hair to the one shown with the brand new HUD for free, nada, zilch, when you join for 250L$. So yeah… bargain.

Visit KoKoLoReS’s blog to see ‘Kat’ and read about it too.

Here’s the new hair HUD in all its glory:


What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Netherwood
Hair – KoKoLoReS Nova NEW!
Jeans – Blueberry Jolene Jeans – Flared
Top – Tee*fy Ashley Top – Burger


No ‘well lit, no shit’ or ‘jigging for the rigging’ today as I’m not blogging clothes, I just happen to be wearing them… does that make any sense? No? Well, that’s me all over.

I don’t think you need any more notes on the hair 😀

Meri wears her Catwa head and Maitreya body even when it rains, and I think it’s going to rain today.


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