Watch out for the neighbours!


So, my photo coupled with the blog title probably puts you in mind of Norman Bates, or some sneaky peeker. Well, there might be a sneaky peeker, a chap sits at his computer at a window opposite my bathroom window a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’s a peeker, he might just be on SL or something. Thom noticed him and suggested he was perving with some weird relish, like he was pleased. Freaky boy.

Also, my window cleaners pointed out to me that despite being ‘frosted’ my bathroom window privacy level was ‘crap’ (their vernacular, not mine) and suggested I use the blind kindly provided when they were not there to assist.

All of this is irrelevant considering what I’m actually going through at the moment. My neighbour has a huge concrete garden, it’s twice the size of mine at least, probably more and solid concrete. A week ago, without warning me, he hired two blokes to road-drill up all the concrete and shovel it into a skip, and then another skip etc. I think we’re on skip number 20 now. The skips start arriving between seven and half past in the morning, the road drill starts at eight. My headache starts about that time and lasts until bedtime, normally. Sleep is my only respite from the pain and I’m not getting enough of it.

I’ve done a week of this hurty purgatory so far and this morning, driven by desperation, I went out into my back yard and called through one of the small decorative holes to the men, who were having a smoke-break. They looked around bemused, eventually saw me on the other side of the wall looking through the little hole. I waved both my arms – they could probably see my fingertips.

I asked them what they were doing and they told me – removing the concrete. Of course, I’d figured that much out for myself but thought I’d start with an easy question. I asked if it was the guy who owned the company on the next street who was having the work done (cus I wondered if he’d sold it already) and they said yes. I harumphed at this, the shitty little businessman could have been neighbourly enough to warn me.

The older one of the two blokes just stared at me like I was a nutter, but the younger one (the road-driller) seemed nicer. He said ‘I bet it’s not been very nice for you this last week’. I agreed it had not. He continued ‘the drilling is done now’. I made a happier sound, a bit like a puppy yelp. I asked when they thought they’d be done altogether and the older one said ‘Today, maybe’.

I said that was wonderful news, said thanks. Went back indoors. Only when I got inside did I realise that to make it easier to look through the wall, I’d closed one eye and squinched up my face (like when you look through a telescope) but that he – older guy – being much further from the wall, could see my whole face… that must be why he looked like I was strange the whole time.

Am I strange? 😮


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What ARE you wearing?


But here’s the credits

Shower – BackBone Sanctuary Shower PG
Pose – IDK Pack 72 Pose 5
Hair – CaTwA Mesh Wet Lucy Champagne
Bottles – (Left of pic) Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles
Towels – (Front of pic) LISP – Serenity Spring Towels


The shower by BackBone is original mesh with materials enabled and 20Li.

You can buy either a PG or Adult version of the shower containing a new 2019 engine.
You can change textures of the candles, stones, wood and metal.  The shower starts automatically when you get ‘in’. The pose I used in the main picture is not included with the shower, I used devastating mind trickery to get the water to run (thanks Elbe! <3).

If you wish you turn the water off or adjust the volume or sounds, click on ADJUST and SHOWER on the menu.

The PG Version contains 6 Single Animations and 16 Couples Animations

The Adult version contains same as PG, plus 36 foreplay animations and 38 sex animations. The adult version also works automatically with the Aeros cock.

Splendid eh?

Last note – Drake, no. 😀


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