Take me anywhere, I don’t care


I know everybody who’s anybody wants to live in Bellissaria at the moment, but I’m not one of them. Thom and I went on a quick visit to have a look around and I went back to do my ‘hitchin’ photographs and ‘jigging for the rigging’ video too, but we agreed that neither of us would want to live there.

I love the idea, I get it. Proper community is perhaps the single biggest reason to be in Second Life and finding one into which you fit is worth a lot. Wanting that social feeling where you live? Well, I guess a lot depends on your personality.

I have (back when we had the club) logged onto SL and said to Thom, ‘I don’t think I have the energy to ‘be Meri’ tonight’ and he knows what I mean. When I go out and socialise, in SL or RL, I’m a full-on extrovert, I have no off button and it’s the only way I can be. But when I’m not out, I’m more of a Meri-mouse and I like to be quiet and not social at all.

Like my mother before me, I’m both an extrovert and an introvert. I need both sides.

Living on mainland without close neighbours allows me to that space in SL to just be with Thom, or sit on my deck and muse on the day, or the next big release in fashion in Second Life!

I went to the beach for a chill-out following my visit to Bellissaria. Click to see each image larger – also, the ‘well lit, no shit’ image is in there!

So, what’s your SL home lifestyle like? Are you itching to get in on the action with the new linden communities and houseboats? Do you prefer to rent and move often? Do you, like me, prefer privacy and quiet?

What ARE you wearing?

Hair – Elua Daria Blondes
Hat – Argrace Cowboy Hat
Top – Addams Stacy Metal Top & Crochet Bodysuit NEW!
Pants – Addams Stacy Open zipper Denim Flare Pants NEW!
Shoes – Addams Stacy Shoes NEW!
Jewellery – RealEvil Anvoir Bracelets

Hitching Pose –  Sparrowtree Studios Pose – Anywhere but here
Sitting Pose – La Baguette Kazi G. Sit 4


Addams beautiful SL fashion releases are always available in fittings for Belleza Bodies (Venus, Isis and Freya), the Maitreya Body and the Slink Bodies (Original & Hourglass).  New items can take a wee while to appear on Second Life Marketplace but here’s the link to the Addams Marketplace store anyway.

You want to see the jigging for the rigging video? Ok


  • So, what’s your SL home lifestyle like? Lazy.

    Are you itching to get in on the action with the new linden communities and houseboats?

    I like some community when it’s not a clique but I also like my own space.

    Do you prefer to rent and move often?

    Renting is a good option for me at the moment but so is my Linden houseboat.

    Do you, like me, prefer privacy and quiet?

    I normally get privacy at home because I’m rarely there.

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    • Bellisseria would cover all homes land and water. I’m not active in the community but for the odd beach dance or some group chatter. Otherwise, I’m not sure how much is going on. Pride march was on but it was poorly instructed on the advertised with the end time/location advertised so it was over by the time I got there. Very popular though as the final region was full. I could not enter. LOL

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    • So you do get your privacy then, that’s good. Wow that sounds like a huge Pride march, bet it was fun… not that we’d know 😀

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  • I like my quiet too. I have ummmm two Bellissaria and then home. Dont ask!! Remember Bondibabe? She had premium too. Kinda forgot about that one. lol So yeah I live in three places and I shake it up all the time. But I love my quiet place and its not shared with many people at all.In face let me see only 5 people know where it is. I may let you know 🙂

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  • Laughs! I know all about the introvert/extrovert bit! I prefer to rent and have been with the same company for years, they are very good to me. I have a massive discount on my current property and they even got me extra prims for my blogging platform. I like the quiet of it all, it has a small beach, but I also like to have friends over.

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