Strangest thing to happen in Second Life?

Strangest thing to happen to you in SL?

I do love to dip into the SL Reddit, I post my blogs there, much to the disgust of some of the patrons and I also like to read the threads posted. Many of them are asking for advice on where to get something or how to solve a problem. Some of them are pure gold. I was there just now reading a discussion where the OP had asked what the weirdest/wildest experience you ever had in SL was.

It really got me thinking and quite honestly, some of the answers I read were so much wilder and nuttier than anything I can come up with but I’m going to have a go, here and now.

At AAi (rest in peace) we’d put a set into events and it was attended by loads of people including Limey Linden who simply hopped onto the pole and boogied the night away. Limey was a British guy living in the US and, obviously, working for Linden Labs. He was a strange black shaped avatar. In fact, I do somewhere have a picture of him on the pole, but I can’t find it anywhere – I think this was in 2009.

Here’s a pic of him taken by someone else, Tim Deschanel

Limey Linden


Another time, I was out shopping and a guy IM’d me and asked me if he could be my slave. He was very polite and nice, but I explained I didn’t really have a use for a slave. He enumerated the various ways in which he could be helpful, how he wouldn’t expect anything in return and all that. I said I had a partner who wouldn’t like me having a er… pet man. He said he would help Thom out too if he wanted. I was just about to close him down and he said something that nearly, almost worked… “I could sort your inventory out for you, however you wanted. I would spend hours and days on sorting it if that’s what you wanted?” Oh I was so tempted, soooo tempted, but figured giving my password to a stranger however polite he was might be a bad idea.

And then there was another oddness, one of the few I can actually recall anyway (I’ve a short memory and let’s face it, SL strangeness becomes normal) was the religious nut. This person went through a phase of IMing me for a few months with the hellfire that my local Methodist church had neglected to instill in me all those years ago. Apparently, I – along with many of you – will be burning in hell for all eternity for the transgressions we commit with our pixel selves (he must have been spying for some time).

And finally, finally, I’m going to have to be a wee bit vague, because this one involves someone still in SL for sure. I managed a club before we had AAi and I was there along with the DJ playing at the time, a lovely girl called Plava. Plava originated in a country which was at war with another country. A guy who ran a very big group used to promote sets at clubs arrived for the set and apparently, he was from the other country in conflict. They had a rather large row about it and he left.

That shoulda been that, but…

When I next came to send a notice in that group, I found I couldn’t. I notecarded the guy and explained. No response. I asked Thom to contact him on my behalf and explain, no response. I asked the person who owned the club to intervene, she did and he replied he’d taken away my notice sending rights and blocked me. No mention of why.

Some time later, I was talking to another club owner (Alex at Alt7) and she mentioned this guy, I told her what had happened and she said, but that’s nuts. I’ll talk to him, he seems to like me. She got in touch and he spoke to her about it. Apparently, although his English isn’t great, the reason for my (now 10-year blocking) is that I started the war in Vietnam, it’s my fault. This is, of course, despite the fact the Vietnam war thankfully ended in 1975 when I was just a twinkle.

She tried to impress upon him that it simply could NOT be the case, but he was having none of it and replied something along the lines of ‘It’s people like her that start all the wars’, as if to say that if I hadn’t started that particular one, I was sure to be responsible for one of them!


So… what’s the strangest thing/weirdest thing/wildest thing you’ve ever had happen to you in SL? Please tell me all! ❤

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  • I don’t think I’ve experienced anything that I’d term as strange in SL because life outside of our virtual world is full of Strange and I’ve gotten used to it over the years, like you get used to a noise in the background when you’re trying to sleep.

    Have you considered the background of your picture, though? Virtual wind turbines that don’t create virtual wind as such because it’s already created Inworld by the Labs and can be seen as an effect in their linden trees. So… are these wind turbines an expression of our collective inner environmental desires? Or are they just there because they can be built? You know, like daft folks who insist on climbing mountains where there’s very little oxygen and then complain about headaches.

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    • You know Moz the rest of the sim is full of containers – the type that get loaded onto ships by crane, only they’re making the water into a landmass with the containers and some of them are set out as homes, but I don’t think people live in them. Empty containers. If a container contains nothing, is it still a container? If a container ship doesn’t contain containers, is it just a ship?

      Mind-bending fun for Friday ❤

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  • I had bought a new av a while back, one of the first full mesh avs i owned, 7 meter tall minotaur. I was shopping, in a mall, dozens of people there when a small barely 5 foot tall woman approaches me and IMs me with some serious adult requests. Mind you.. 1, 7 METER TALL AV.. 2, IN A MALL. 3, she barely came to mid thigh. my junk was probably longer than she was tall. The logistics were mind blowing. When i politely informed her that i was shopping and not interested , she started ranting in open chat that i was a prude and needed to open my mind and stop being so repressed.. Still not sure what her deal was..

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    • Haha it appears I’ve sorely misjudged you Mr Minotaur – you are a prude! Just kidding, that was hardly appropriate behaviour on her part and you’re not just a piece of meat to be thrust into her nether regions with narry a hello or how are you? Some women! (Especially women in SL I think – surely she wouldn’t do that in RL?)

      Thom has a minotaur ava… ah the memories.


  • Strangest thing. The security orb I have I had to contact the maker as couldn’t get it to work properly.
    He came along to my sim at the time and helped configuration it etc.
    At that time I was partnered to Bog . Anyhow after a few weeks Bog kept commenting that someone was always on the edge of the sim and appeared watching.
    At the time I wasn’t so good at knowing about the nearby tab and never thought anything of it because my little hud that showed who was nearby didn’t pick this dude up. Nor did the security orb.
    Until one day Bog said the name . Turns out the maker of the security orb was watching me all the time and had himself in my security orb!!!
    So I removed him and hey presto the dogs started barking.
    Moral of story. Don’t forget to remove the maker and their mates!!

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    • You were stalked by the orb maker?!?! You know the odd thing, back in like… 2008 or something, an orb maker came around to our place and sorted out our newly purchased orb and said not to take him off the orb in case he needed to work on it again! However, I don’t think I saw him again. Isa… that’s classic! x

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  • This anecdote is more creepy/repulsive, than strange, but… several months ago, I was in my apartment, which is the one private-access place on my property, I was mucking around putting textures on some full-perms picture frames I’d recently bought, when a male avi appeared at the end of the room… due to the fact there was, at the time, a gallery beneath my apartment, the security radius in my apartment didn’t reach all the way to where he was (when it did, it also evicted innocent people from the gallery beneath, so I’d decreased it’s radius) I told him this was my private space, he was welcome anywhere else, but he’d be evicted if he came any closer to me, and he vanished. A bit later, I was hanging the picture on the wall in a little house elsewhere on my land, when he appeared, right in front of me, naked, thrusting away with an impossibly large erection… he was facing away from me, so I suspect he’d ‘overshot’ his target, so to speak. I said ‘you are really irritating’, he said ‘kiss, kiss’ and vanished, again. I banned him from every inch of my little world, and hope never to see him again, but it really makes you realise there are some incredibly odd people in SL, and that some of them could be watching you, right at this moment…

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    • Jesus you do tell a good spooky/repulsive story. That proper freaked me out! You have a mind and a pen for horror 😀 Hugs you Sera xx

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  • Strange? Maybe. Embarrassing? YES! I only read this post today and so my karma decided to play a little trick on me or so it seems. Went to a shop, laggy as hell, so I turned off other avatars. USUALLY I do check my map so I don’t run over other people. Today, I forgot, just having crashed and all…

    Anyway, there is this guy and he says ‘Hi’. And again: ‘Hi. How are you doing?.’ It took me a while to see in the nearby chat, too. I checked his profile and it seemed ok, so I say ‘Hi’ back. He: *cough. cough*. Me: looking around the shop, not paying attention to chat. After a while, again he: *smoke lol* I’m thinking, okay, where is this guy, why does he know I’m holding a cigarette… and THEN I realize OMG, I’m standing right in the middle between his partner and him o.O

    There are times I am grateful, you can’t blush in SL ;)) Made me remember your post, so here you are — my 5 cents to it all 🙂

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    • Hahaah, awww poor Joey! It has happened to us all at some point. Once a newish avatar came to our club and staggered (obviously without having rezzed) between me and my partner on the dancefloor. I didn’t move cus I thought eventually she’d rez and realise and move. After a few minutes (we’d all said hi) I asked her a question and she said ‘am not gay like u r mericat’ and I was confused. Turns out she thought I’d danced up into HER space 😀 😀 😀

      Made my day honestly, I laughed so hard.

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