All the gifts from SL16B Camshopping


Awww man, I couldn’t get into SL16B’s shopping area, what is a girl to do? Well, the Lindens provided us with some nifty little cam “viewing” areas which were practically empty and that means you can do quite a lot without even entering the lagfest itself.

With a few nifty moves and a little bit of trouble, I got myself a real good stash of freebies from the generous designers at the SL16B shopping area (apparently there are 100 vendors and each is providing a birthday gift). I’m not sure how many I got, but lemme tell you, it was plenty.

I’m going to show you everything I got in this fine (overstatement) video I made. I talk you through each piece and you can see all that darn good stuff. Tooting!


Ok so here’s how you do it, if you’re not already familiar with camshopping!

Firstly, pull up the map function and type in something like Halcyon North (or look at map using one of the existing SL16B landmarks. You’re looking for an area the same shape as in the picture below. The edges of those areas are known as overflow shopping and you can just click on one with some space and tp right to it. From there you can set your cam distance as high as your machine can cope with.

Graphically, you should make changes so you’re on a medium object setting, no avatars, no physics, no particles. Let’s get the most out of our graphics cards!


Okay next, the bit that makes the whole experience bearable… area search. Go to the world menu and choose ‘area search’. The following dialog box will pop up on screen.


Open area search and enter a search term – the most obvious being gift


Then go to the filter tab and untick the box saying ‘neighbouring regions’, because you want it to search as far as is possible in relation to your avatar position. And that means other areas.

Then press ‘Apply’

The results will appear in the ‘List’ tab (the first tab shown).

All these suggestions relate to the Firestorm viewer, but there is the same function in each viewer, you just have to find it!

Once you can see an SL16B gift in the list, you can either right click and choose zoom if you want to view it, you can right click and select ‘buy’ if it’s buyable for 0LS (most were) or occasionally, just select ‘touch’ and the item will come to you.

Of course, depending on distance, this can take a wee while and some gifts I had to press as many as ten times. Try to give it a bit of patience. It’s worthwhile.

Once you have nabbed the gifts you want from one camshopping area, you simply move to the next and repeat the process until you have got as many as you want/need. I would not suggest doing actual shopping via this method, it’s simply asking for transactional problems if you’re sending money across regions and hoping the item will find its way to you.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who provided gifts for us to find at this event and a huge Happy Birthday to Second Life. It’s a birthday to us because we are Second Life, it’s a world we made and we fill, so… raises a glass to us.

Feel free to ask any questions, there’s no such thing as a stupid question and I’d love to know if you baggsied any awesome gifts that are not mentioned in my talkathon video that I should go and get ❤

Lapointe & Bastchild
Apple May Designs
Casse Lustre
Vanity Hair
Apple May/West Village
Old Treasures
le fil casse
Dead Dollz
Blushed Living


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