Mondays are not just about housework for me, I have a real job too, but somehow, even though I’m already busier than busy can be, I seem to end up doing the most on a Monday.

I flog myself to death on a Monday so I have less to do the rest of the week. It is one of those ‘while I’m on my feet, I might as well do that’ scenarios that you only seriously develop when you get out of your 30s and trudge ever onwards towards eventual death. (I told you it was a Moanday).

Course, just because I’m busy busy, doesn’t mean I get no time to myself… even if it’s just five minutes for a smoke and a think.

Have you ever been in your laundry room daydreaming? Me too.

Of some hot guy sweeping in and taking you right there? Me too.

It’s yet to happen though and if it did, I’d probably berate myself for not having shaved my legs that morning. Or worn nice undies – they’re probably in the dryer.

While I’m not willing to share my hot guy, I am willing to share my tumble dryer. More details below!


What ARE you wearing?

YC Vacuum Cleaner by Yumi Chiuh (no longer available)
BackBone Hot Dryer (Adult)- Group Gift
BackBone Laundry Basket – Group Gift
~Dirty Deeds~ Dirty Laundry (Adult)
Washing machine black by Willhelm Ewing (no longer available)
MadPea Sparkling Windows (prev. Arcade gacha)
MadPea Spotless Floors (prev. Arcade gacha)
[Fetch] Teeny Shed

Lamb. Wake Up
Addams Cinthya Sport Jogger
Addams Magaly Tank Top SL16B

Addams Mainstore
Addams Marketplace


The BackBone group (C+P the resulting link into SL) is 500 L$ to join and you can enjoy a monthly free gift, a 25% discount on all items (excl. gacha and events) and weekly giveaways.

The Hot Dryer and Laundry Basket are fabby mesh items and the dryer has poses for being alone, cuddles, foreplay and sex. Yes guys, it’s a hot sex dryer!

The Addams Magaly Tank Top is a gift for all of us from Addams at SL16B – my final featured gift from the amazing event on this blog (which, as someone on Reddit pointed out, is not just a shopping event – I think you all know that, but there is a lot else to do there, many events, performers etc. Look it up!)

The Megaly Tank has a choice of 3 generous HUDs with different patterns and HUDs and comes in Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus, Slink Hourglass and Original and the Legacy body. A very comprehensive free gift and a lovely one too! Thank you Addams! ❤

There’s no ‘well lit, no shit’ today or ‘jigging for the rigging’. I thought I’d put you through quite enough already – for a Moanday.




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