At my most dangerous

At my most dangerous

“At my most dangerous on my hands and knees

Head hanging defeated, but I’m just a tease

You won’t keep me down there, hang onto your hat

‘Cus I’m coming for you, head right down like that.”

I’m an Aries you know, in SL and RL. I once went to a tattoo parlour and asked for a ram tattoo and they showed me some designs – they were all too bulked up and scary looking. I told him I wanted something more feminine and he said ‘We don’t do no nancy rams here, you best have a cat’. And so I did. I call it ‘Nancy Ram’ 😀

Of course, I should probably have put more time and thought into permanent body art, but I was young, impulsive and very into diving into things head first (Aries typically do this apparently).  I’m not big on horoscopes, especially the daily ones, but there are certain character traits which seem to apply, as well as particular problems indicated too.

It seems that all Aries people are more inclined to injuries to their head and certainly that’s true of me, I’ve had no end of incidents, accidents and problems involving my head and I don’t like my head or neck being touched except by someone I am already close to.

I’m relentless in battle – verbal battle that is, although I can reassure you all that I’ve never, ever headbutted anybody.

I’m a peace-loving ram overall, how about ewe? ❤


What ARE you wearing?

Pose – Nanika Cat Pose Gift
Outfit –  Cynful Mocha’s Bikini Set – Bra & Skirt Anthem July (from 3rd)
Boots – REIGN. Luxe Thigh High Pumps
Ring – REIGN. Ouija Ring
Hair – Little Bones Feline
Horns – Pure Poison – Viking Horns
Necklace – Pure Poison Gabrielle Warrior Necklace

Cynful’s Mocha’s Bikini Set comes in Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass and Legacy sizes and the fatpack contains a choice of 25 colours (also available individually) plus 5 fatpack specials.  The panties, skirt and pearls are all adaptable via HUD and you can chose to remove the pearls if they irritate your delicate bits!

Cynful’s stuff is always lovely, but this really surprised me in it’s total adaptability. In its essence it is a beach outfit and a gorgeous one at that, but in black, with the gems shining, it’s pure evening wear and sexy as hell!

Here’s my ‘jigging for the rigging’ and I think it’s likely to be the last I will do. The idea behind the videos was to test out the rigging of the ‘new’ fitted mesh clothes, but these days the sponsors who patronise me seem to have their rigging totally on point, so there is no need to shake it all up and see what falls out. I probably will make videos when I have a lot of items to show you and talk my way through them, as I have done a few times previously.






  • Hot! I’m an aries and love my neck and head to be touched. Wel maybe not by people like Trump or such but you know, cute guys, even good friends… Also I’ve not hurt my head much, except I got cement in my eye the other day.

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    • Cement in your eye sounds a pretty Aries thing to do honestly. And yeah, you said cute guys and good friends, it’s not like strangers can come up and touch you. Back of my neck is one I don’t like from people I don’t know well. It’s controlling. My eyes get rolling and I foam at the mouth (well, nearly) xxx


  • You’re rather a sweet Aries, Meri, I wonder what your rising sign is. The rising sign can ameliorate some of the more stringent areas of the sun sign and should also be taken into account for a full picture. Typical Aries are like a dog with a bone, they won’t let go of situations until they are resolved how they think such things should be resolved. It also makes them great generals in battle. Style and creativity is high in Aries people and yet they still manage to retain aspects of childhood in that they can be trusting and open – which sometimes leads to disappointments but they bounce back quickly. Good qualities!

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    • I can certainly relate to being child-like (rather than child-ish I hope!) and I think it shows through being optimistic and reasonably sunny, and trusting and open is my default attitude – unless I’m shown clearly I should stop that with a person. I do bounce back! I’m a great bouncer 😀

      Virgo rising… ❤ What do you make of that?

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    • Well I’m tidy, it has that going for it. I think that link is very badly translated and I don’t relate to much of what it says. I’ve no need for a shrink, my self analysis is on point, so you’re right there, Russell Grant, haha 😝 xxx

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