These are NOT few of my favourite things

Waiting is penance

I’m a little grumpy this morning and that’s unusual for me. I’m going to tell you why and then you will see how petty and horrible a person I really am and you will take your reading eyes away to someone more deserving. I’ll probably cry then, but it will be no more than I deserve for being such a fractious fool.

  1. My bro

I got my lovely kitten, Matilda, last Autumn. I was so happy to be a new furry mummy again and she was adorable in every possible way. My brother also likes animals very much and has two cats of his own (he also has children, but they’re not as cute – anyway). Today I got a text from him (I get about one a year, usually my birthday but today is not my birthday) it said ‘Beautiful x’.

For a second or two I wondered if he was having an affair with a woman who had the same first letter to her name as his sister, after all, it was 10.30 am on a Monday morning and we should both be hard at work and not receiving items we find ‘beautiful’.

Turned out that was his response to a picture of my kitten I’d sent him at least 5 months ago…

I’m not sure if the delay is down to his atrocious communication skills or one of our phone networks, but either way… Grr.

2. My neighbour

One of my neighbours is basically harmless but she bugs me in a few ways. (This is not my nice neighbour I’ve also spoken of, she’s just right – like baby bear’s porridge) THIS neighbour works in an old folks home which may be why she uses her outdoors voice all the time. She also stands too close when she’s taking to me and she walks past my window A LOT. She has a bossy demeanor.

I swear I’m not exaggerating even a tad if I say that she walked past my window from her front door to her car (past my house) 14 times in 5 minutes this morning. She did, in fact, up this to 15 times within 10 minutes because she eventually went out in said car. I wouldn’t mind so much if she were carrying something, but she isn’t. I’ve no idea what she is doing. She’s not taking the dog out – she did that earlier (she’s been past 20 times in all this morning).

She drives me potty. One day, perhaps when menopause takes a hold of me, I will whip open my front door and scream ‘WHY? WHY? WHY?’ at her like a deranged and barking dog. It’s something to look forward to.

3. Waiting

I’m not good at waiting, I mean, most people aren’t. There’s a reason most people hate waiting and it’s cus it’s the king of crap. I’m not even going to bore you with a specific instance of waiting, because we all know what it feels like. It feels like hell. I actually expressed this opinion to another blogger friend of mine when she wrote about waiting.

My theory relates to purgatory… you see, the idea of purgatory is that it’s a period of waiting to get into heaven where you work through your mistakes and repent of them most thoroughly. My idea is that actually, purgatory is hell, because hell is waiting. It would also make more sense in practical terms than simply burning for all eternity while being buggered by the devil’s poker. More of a learning experience you see?

Course, this is all academic because I’m not religious and therefore, if I am wrong, I will probably be beyond redemption, what with all the naysaying and moaning about neighbours who you’re supposed to love anyway, even if they wear noisy shoes and have loud voices and try to run the place. Tsk.

And another thing is, I’m blogging Blueberry today, and they’re the epitome of positivity and happy-thinking and yet here I am banging on about things nobody wants to hear about. I shall be fired from Blueberry by the end of the day, mark my words. Yikes!


What ARE you wearing?

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The gorgeous new release from Blueberry is a multi-part outfit with lots of adaptability, named Stella. You can look forward to wearing Stella if you have one of the following bodies: Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus; Slink Physique and Hourglass; Legacy; Maitreya Lara.

You can see that when I’m outside the pub waiting for my drink, I didn’t wear the skirt (I thought I might get served more quickly) and when I’m indoors for my ‘well lit, no shit’ shot, I did put on the skirt to show you. Of course, this being a Blueb release, it’s all gorgeous and each and every detail thrills the soul.


  • Neighbours…

    I have one a few houses down that has a baby that cries all day. Not cries of pain or cries of hunger; no theses are the cries of the spoiled child who isn’t getting exactly what they want every minute of the day. I looked after kids for over 20 years so I know that cry well. It’s crazy (and annoying) to think a child of 1 is running the family home already. I can’t wait to see what she’s up to at 2.

    I also have a neighbour across the lane that yells at her children quite a bit in a loud as a bullhorn voice letting us all hear every single word. She could wake the dead and probably has. The other day her eldest son (he just graduated from high school) stared yelling back at her in a very loud voice and she was like…woah, woah, woah! Which is amusing considering how many mornings I’ve been given breakfast and a show, her voice echoing for all the world to hear.

    So I feel your pain. I’m grumpy this morning myself and the baby and lady neighbour haven’t even started yet.

    Liked by 2 people

    • All of us not annoying people should live on the same street! Bunch all the annoying ones together and let them drive each other bananas! You have my sympathy xx


  • I kind of enjoy your moaning
    So ummm call me wierd but it entertained me no end.
    Brothers, yeah well can be useless at times. No words can be expressed to put that one right after months.
    To forgive is apparently divine?
    When you find out let me know.

    Now the neighbour. I’m thinking she secretly has the hots for you and that’s why she walking past your window so many times today. Just trying to catch a glimpse of your warming smile. Did you smile? Do it!
    Failing that there is s body and she is removing it part by part.
    Again I’d do the smile just in case!

    As for purgatory.
    We live it in Facebook feeds. Daily every single day. Hell on earth reading some of the stuff I do.
    I quite fancy personally going down the stairs into the fire and brimstone.
    Waiting though? Heck I may run past the queue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am nice to her, which probably makes me two-faced, but as I said originally, I think she’s harmless so I shouldn’t let her funny ways annoy me as much as they do. If she fancies me, she’s got a large appetite cus I’m twice her height, haha.

      You won’t go to hell in a handcart or any other wheeled device Isa, you’re one of the good ones xx

      Liked by 1 person

  • 1. I think that’s an unreasonable time to wait for a reply, even if he’s a bloke!
    2. I’m intrigued as to what she IS doing. Maybe she has OCD or maybe she’s checking the vehicle mileage if she’s a care worker and she keeps forgetting the figure. Anyways, maybe you could ask her one day *laughs*
    3. The waiting thing is to test your patience. And then your temper. It’s a good one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 1. I know right! He’s such a dweeb
      2. One day I’m going to run up to my bedroom and surreptitiously watch her when she gets on one
      3. I get easily distracted while… Is that an eagle? 😮

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  • I have a neighbor like that. Coincidentally, she too worked at a nursing home before she retired. She would linger in front of my house at odd hours. Every time I went outside, she’d suddenly appear. She’d comment on whether she approved or disapproved of the clothing I had on the line, asked where I’d bought them. She’d “shop,” gazing around my yard. “What are you going to do with those pots? That one is just the right size for my tomatoes.” Drove me batty. I called her Mrs. Kravitz, of Bewitched fame. I have a privacy fence now. She won’t speak to me anymore. I guess she took it personally.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh god she puts mine to shame! I feel positively lucky now, although maybe she’s just warming up. Glad you got your fence sorted x


    • I had this really grumpy neighbor when I was a child. She’d come out and just yell at me for playing in my own yard. We had this blackberry tree that she claimed was hers, although it was clearly not on her land. In spite, my dad chopped the tree down.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh she sounds adorable! I’m glad your dad took vengeance on her through the medium of a blackberry tree.


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