Join me for a pic-a-nic?

Join me for a pic-a-nic?

Why do I feel like I know you when you are anybody? You could quite literally be anybody and you’re all over the world. You are tall and you are short, you’re male or female. You’re loving SL and you’re disillusioned with it. You’re hoping for an escape from RL or you’re so busy in RL you can’t get on SL much any more.

You’re everybody, but I somehow feel close to you.

I think that’s what talking into the ether and hoping somebody hears you does, it creates an intimacy that if you walked past each other in the supermarket just wouldn’t exist.

SL is the same. One friend I met recently has a distinctive looking ava. I totally adore her face and I told her I couldn’t imagine her looking any other way in RL. In truth, I thought that I didn’t want her to look any other way and then she showed me a picture of her real self and now it’s blended seamlessly for me with the virtual self. She’s different but the same. Lovely in both worlds.

I adore the intimacy that SL offers, the feeling of having a shared secret.

I guess I’m saying that you – everybody, anybody – you make me happy.


What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Scarlett Isle
Dress – Genetic Summer Dragon Dress  NEW!
Hair – Little Bones Carousel Hair
Shoes – Candydoll Tricky Platform Heels – Neon

So, ooh, I got news!

I’ve taken on a new sponsor and they are called Genetic. Genetic is the new baby of creator Genryusai Phx who has been creating mesh for other brands until a few months ago when he decided to set up his own original mesh fashion brand. I can’t remember if I saw the ad or if a friend did and showed it to me but either way, as soon as I saw the brand new designs from this new designer brand, I was hooked. I saw COLOUR! And you know how I love colour.

This is going to be exciting folks and you heard it here first – or maybe not, but hey! Good news should travel fast. Being me, I’m not content with being accepted as a blogger and receiving the goods, I need to KNOW, man. I set out to interview the man behind the skirts, of course.

We had a lovely chat, very inspiring for me and I was so happy to hear that the label is still finding itself, Genry finds his inspiration in many areas he didn’t expect to, not even having a huge interest in fashion until recently.

Genry: I try to make em classy and sexy
Genry: both together 🙂
Genry: like martini 🙂
Meri: haha
Meri: oh that’s a quote!!!
Meri: may i?
Genry: yeah
Meri: thank you 🙂 I want to make people smile
Genry: me 2 🙂

Genetic’s Summer Dragon Dress is a new release from Genetic and you can get it from their marketplace store (linked in credits above). They don’t currently have a mainstore, Genry is waiting until there is sufficient back catalogue so it looks good when it opens.

If you’d like to follow them on Flickr or Facebook, there’s the links!


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