I made a fun video


I wanted a way to promote my blog and show some of the excellent clothes I’ve been fortunate enough to share with you lately, also, it was an indulgence of my love of David Bowie.

It’s only a minute and a half long and I hope it’ll make you smile!

22 thoughts on “I made a fun video

    1. That’s a great song. A little tidbit about that song: “Bowie came up with this after he was asked to put English lyrics to a French song called “Comme d’habitude.” Paul Anka ultimately bought the rights to the original French song and rewrote it in English as “My Way,” later made famous by Frank Sinatra. “Life On Mars?” uses practically the same chords as “My Way” and the Hunky Dory linear notes state that the song is “inspired by Frankie.”


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    2. I had read that he was into Crowley and The Kabbalah at the time. In one line he says ‘making sure white stains’,one of (Aleister) Crowley’s most obscure works, a collection of pornographic poems he’d written underpsuedonym George Archibald (taken from songmeanings). Also, he was largely subsisting on milk and cocaine, and became very paranoid. So, the line ‘It’s not the side-effects of the cocaine
      I’m thinking that it must be love’ looms large in what he was going through. It’s strange that during this isolation period in his life, that he was also starring in the Man who fell to Earth. Both men living their lives in cold isolation. There. I’m done pontificating.

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    3. Oh that was a good pont though. I loved man who fell to earth. I guess with rock and roll comes a lifestyle and with such genius comes a touch of madness too.


  1. That was very good, Meri, and much more than I can do! I’m only up the stage of Slideshows on my blog *laughs* I’m not the most techno person in the world 🙂

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