Pizza Face

Pizza Face


Pizza and I have a chequered past, and I’m going to tell you all about it, whether you want to or not. That heaviness you feel as you sit is not cus of the weather or because you didn’t sleep much last night, it’s me, holding you firmly in position until I’m done.

Yeah, you could probably go if you really tried… Did you? Well then, I will continue.

When I was nobbut a girl, 17 years old, I went out with someone a bit older – mid 20s – and his relationship with food was different to mine to that point. I was still living at home and we never had takeaway pizza, my Mum made her own sometimes (her own base too) and it was very nice, but still… it didn’t come in a box.

He and I set about drinking it up, spending most weekends wandering around Nottingham hammered, alternating between record shops and pubs and we’d usually end up in Pizza Hut. Often his friend came with us and one day, quite tiddled, he – the friend – flicked some of his pizza topping at me. It hit me in the face. I picked up a piece of my pizza and threw it back into his face – it stuck. He picked up the whole pizza and pushed it into my face so hard that I fell backwards off my chair (I think they bolt them down now… possibly my fault) anyway, because of that event, we all got banned from Pizza Hut for life. (FOR LIFE!)

The next day, I woke to find pieces of pizza and melted cheese stuck in my hair. Nice!

We took to getting takeaway Domino’s pizzas instead as the culmination of our sessions and being unused to drink and pizza, I’d usually barf the lot up before sleeping.

When the relationship hit a wall at 100 miles an hour and evaporated, I found that I didn’t fancy pizza any more. I didn’t choose to eat pizza for about 5 years, not only did it remind me of barfing, it was also really expensive. And after that it remained my least preferred takeaway option for a long time.

When visiting the U.S. I realised that pizza was really cheap over there. Like… really cheap. You can get a huge pizza for about a fiver, which is amazing when compared to prices over here in the U.K. I ate a little, it was okay.

My last ex loved pizza, he always chose pizza if we were having a takeaway and I was reticent, but went along with it mostly, cus I’m just far too bloody nice.

Now, I live alone and can choose whether or not I have pizza and – to my surprise – I sometimes do want pizza. It’s like suddenly, no man is telling me I must eat pizza and a switch has flicked and now I do want pizza.

Luckily I’ve found a very reasonably priced pizza place and they deliver too. I shall have myself a nice Hawaiian on payday! 10 inches of pure bliss… and only a few days to go 😀


What ARE you wearing?

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You know who I like? Absolutely everybody I take on as a sponsor on this blog. Cynthia of Cynful is just a lovely, lovely person. She takes genuine joy in her releases, she wants people to be happy and to love them and her team is tiiiight. They all care about each other and there’s narry a sign of drama anywhere amongst them. There are other massively creative and quality designers out there who I don’t especially like the attitude of and so I would never ask to blog for them, no matter how pretty the output. Thing is, I’d rather occasionally buy a can’t miss product from someone I don’t like than suggest you do. Ethically sourced products here only!

You can pick up Cynful’s Collabor88 offering at the event which opened on the 8th. The chain bikini and chainset (for the thighs) is sold separately. The options are as follows and nicked from Cynful’s blurb:

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Sizes: Maitreya Lara Slink Hourglass Belleza Freya Legacy Female


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