On the cusp

On the cusp

Ok, I think I’m psychic. I feel I’m on the verge of some kind of breakthrough. It’s not anything seriously concrete yet, but I think something is happening. I’ll give you a couple of ‘for instances’ from this week.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning about 3 am, I woke from a nightmare in which the place I was due to be taking my Mum was attacked by aliens/fighters and there was horror and death all around. I managed to place a note in my phone ‘Place-name bad’ and then went back to sleep. Thursday morning I got up early, showered, got dressed, dried my hair and styled it, did my make-up (as any woman knows, all this is quite time consuming) fed the cat, got a cup of tea and sat down to drink it before I left the house, then my Mum called and said she’d been called to say her appointment was cancelled and we weren’t going.

Hmm tenuous? Probably, but odd.

Yesterday, someone commented on my blog about the neighbours who were taking up concrete in their yard a few weeks ago and I said I thought some men would be here soon to continue that building journey. And this morning here they are. I also dreamt about the property owner last night and me arguing with him to clean up the mess they left on the footpath (which I do actually mean to do, hopefully without the argument).

I’m not claiming to be Nostradamus here, or Mystic Meg, but still… they feel like pre-echoes of some kind.

Do you think I’ve finally lost it or finally found it? ❤ 😀


What ARE you wearing?

Well, precisely, looks like I couldn’t make up my mind doesn’t it? I’m sorry. I took the ‘well lit, no shit’ first, and then changed my mind on the hair and legs when I took the main photograph. I can’t remember which hair it is in the ‘well lit, no shit’ photo, but I think it might be by Olive. And then, I forgot to go do another ‘well lit, no shit’… didn’t see that one coming did I?

Dress – Genetic Nancy for Maitreya Lara – Unik Event
Hair – Exile Peaceful Easy Feeling
Shoes – Blueberry Stella Fishnets & Pumps
Pose – GingerFish Poses – Paris Nights Event Exclusive The Liaison Collaborative
Visit – Scarlett Isle

Genetic’s brand new Nancy dress is for Maitreya Lara and comes in 16 colours of dress and 16 colour options for the mesh section, metal colour choice too. It’s so cute, love the detail of the brooch. You can go try it out at Unik until the 28th July.

I used to blog GingerFish Poses in the past and then of course, my break from blogging and then recently I got chatting to the lovely Tracy who asked if I’d like to receive her poses for blogging. Oh hells yes. Thanks! So I’m pleased to be showing off her delicate, bento poses ❤


  • If you have found it. Can you tell me if I do the lottery tonight, will I have much luck?
    Actually you arent barmy. Well maybe only a bit.
    Ive had odd experiences where Ive known things would happen etc.
    I still believe it’s because we live in the Matrix. This isn’t our real life, this is our other life. They run parallel but one leads one direction and the other goes another course.
    Now plays the eeerie music..,,,,,,

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    • Ooh, now that’s a fascinating concept! I have a friend who says that time running only in one direction is a human construct and that all things that will happen have already happened and ask things that have happened will still happen, etc. Totally mind bending stuff.

      Glad I’m not alone xxx

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    • Someone else used to call me Mystic Meri, haha. They are bad bad bad men! They left the big gate open and I heard my kitten in there, I went to look and they had left the drain cover off and unattended. My cat could have been lost forever. I’d have gone all Liam Neeson on their arses if she went missing, so I’m glad I caught her in time.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awful! The cat in the drain, not you being called MM. I think that you should go out there and scold them. If you do, please make sure that you wave your index finger while doing so, it really drives the point home. ;D

      Liked by 1 person

    • I shall gesticulate like a mad thing. Maybe I better put a sports bra on before I go out there.


    • Fortunately, I only have one perv left. Then use that sports bra and wag that finger! Hopefully, the perv population goes down soon.

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