On the road to anarchy

On the road to anarchy

When I was a kid, I didn’t understand anarchy. I assumed it was something violent (probably because of how the Sex Pistols portrayed it in their song – which I now like, by the way). I didn’t realise that anarchy is exactly what I feel we’re heading towards now – a rejection of authority.

Well, I am anyway. The last few years have turned me into an anarchist. I reject wholly and completely the authority of any leader who campaigns on racism and division. I reject the fools in the UK who are fighting to take over the poison chalice of Brexit ‘negotiations’ and the ruination of this country.

I reject the petty dictators safe in their ivory towers, raining hellfire down on normal people. I reject violence done in the name of religion. I reject fighting over land considered sacred. There is no sacred land, there is only land, animals (of which we are only one genus) and if there is a god, he’s not geographically located somewhere on earth. And nor would he thank you for squabbling about it.

I do not reject people and their beliefs, people can believe whatever they like… I do reject people hurting each other over having different beliefs.

All I want is peace, it’s all most people want.


What ARE you wearing?

Hair – Olive The Wendy Hair
Glasses – BUENO Darlene Heart Glasses
Bikini – Addams Caroline Knot Rope Bikini NEW!
Shorts – Addams Caroline Denim Shorts NEW!
Shirt – Addams Caroline Flare Shirt NEW!

Addams Mainstore
Addams Marketplace

Well, I hope you can forgive me for having a rant on the blog. It’s not politics so much as frustration and impotence.

I was glad to take refuge in SL with the adorable new ‘Caroline’ set from Addams. It comes in Belleza Freya, Isis & Venus. Maitreya Lara. Slink Original and Hourglass. Legacy.

The Shorts HUD contains 36 different colours of denim in rolled or not rolled cuff with 13 choices of metal colour. The bikini is available in three packs – animal, floral or striped plus the fatpack which contains 30 plain colours. The gorgeous, lovely shirt is available in either opaque or transparent options. Each HUD contains 30 different colours.

If I say lush, it’s not enough. If I say it’s a new favourite outfit, it’s not enough. It’s so so so so so so so nice. Go get yourself some and we can while away a few hours talking about prettier things ❤


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