If a job’s worth doing…

If a job's worth doing...

Morning bloggies! I was thrown into disarray earlier this morning by the jobsworth postie-person ringing my doorbell a lot (at least 5 times in 10 seconds) before I was up and about. I leapt up like the house was on fire, threw on my dressing gown and went to the window and looked down. He said ‘You have to come down and sign for it, or I will put a card through and you’ll have to collect it from the delivery office’.

I see I have gained a reputation for alternative methods of delivery and he wasn’t about to stand for it!  He looks like Louie Spence, but without any of the devil-may-care, camp stuff – and in a Post Office uniform. In fact, I find myself blaming Louie Spence himself.


I said ‘Can’t you… and indicated my car’. You see, I figured out a while ago that as my car is parked right in front of my house and has central locking, I can unlock it from upstairs and they can put the parcel inside and then I can lock it again. Nifty huh? A parcel drop point conveniently located and without me having to show my early morning self close-up to the postie. Most useful for when I’m in bed, or showering or simply ugly.

And he said ‘No, I can’t sign it for you, I’ll have to take it back’. I said I’d come down and did so. I blibbed downstairs, greeted the cat who (of course) felt I was there to feed her and when I wasn’t did her best to trip me at each step. I shut her away and then I reached the door and found – no keys. I’d left them upstairs. I opened the downstairs window and said ‘Sorry! I forgot the keys!’.

He held the signature tablet up towards my hand and asked me to squiggle there and I tried to turn it and he admonished me ‘I’m not allowed to let go of it’, which honestly seemed odd. I don’t recall having to share holding it at the front door with the Postie before, but anyway… I told him I just needed to turn it a little to sign. And then I did. And then finally he gave me the small parcel, ideally sized for simply shoving through my letterbox.

My squiggle was, obviously, unintelligible. They’d have a job proving it was me in a court of law. (Unless he told this whole story in which case there’d be many witnesses to its authenticity).

So my question to you is this… Is the adage ‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ a true thing? This guy is obviously sticking to the letter of his training, even when it’s inconvenient for him and for the customer. Even when he could have made a much nicer squiggle than me and popped it securely into my car? Even when he could have simply pushed it through the door and squiggled?

I don’t know, is my answer. I know I messed it up, that much is true. I think I’m definitely not cut out for life as a Postie or maybe even as a recipient.


What ARE you wearing?

Shoes – ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker Low (Only 75 L$ for the fatpack on marketplace!)
Hair – Lamb. Baddie (A Gift from Lamb. Thank you!) Collabor88 NEW!
Top – Blueberry Natalia Cami Top NEW!
Jeans – Blueberry Natalia Capri Jeans NEW!

I hear you OOH and I raise you an AAH. If you didn’t ‘ooh’ at this outfit, then you and I are not compatible. I love to look like something from 80s band ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ videos, it’s true. And the hair helped a lot! The hair, from Lamb, was one of these ‘like, share and comment’ competitions on Facebook which I haven’t done much of but then I won two recently – and this was one. The fatpack of the ‘Baddie’ hair now on sale at Collabor88. It’s gorgeous and I’d like to say a big thanks to Lamb Bellic for being super awesome. I’d have bought it anyway! It’s very me.

The clothes… oh mammy the clothes! Blueberry’s Natalia knocked my socks off. I’m going to nick the specs from the horses mouth:

Cami – 16 patterns 37 colours
Jeans – 2 booty shapes, 10 ombre, 20 denim colours, flat or high heel shoes
Capris – as above 🙂

Tops – You can purchase singles, patterns pack or fat pack. Singles come with a HUD you can change the strap and lace colors. Fat pack includes all colors and patterns of the tops.

Flare Jeans – Comes with fits for both high heel shoes and flat shoes. I made it so you can even wear ankle boots under it. The jeans feature 2 booty options. Classic lueberryBooty & Cutiebootie

Capri Jeans – Comes with 2 booty options as well. Jeans also feature ombre goodies. Can be purchased as a mini pack.

Way too many fat packs?! That’s okay, you can get a MEGA PACK at discounted price for 1 week only and it will cost 1999L for all 3 fat packs.

If the store is full please try the Blueberry camshopping location.

I took the liberty of changing up the textures for the ‘well lit, no shit’ shot above. ❤


    • Yay, thank you! I fought with myself for ages before submitting to what I felt was the best angle 😀


  • *laughs* omg Meri – you do have to sign for stuff like that! I’m not sure about the ‘can’t let go of it’ bit though, as if I take in mail which needs to be signed for then the postie has to give me the machine so I can sign it properly. Maybe he was a trainee or recent trainee and concerned about retaining his job. Love your cheerful pic by the way!

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    • Haha, it’s my first time here on this earth! If one word could sum up my entire attitude to life it would be “why?” 😉 x

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  • Pssht, secret protip: Only for professional housedwellers. See that little key cabinet right next to your door? Yeah that old wooden thing you grabbed from granny’s house when you put her away into the home for oldies. Hey, it’s of a real use other than to look good as memorabilia. I for example use ours to hang house- and motorcycle- and car keys there whenever I come home … and usually I find them there whenever I wanna leave. Makes life so easy when you’re an ADHD flake. That’s very nifty rocket science and we don’t want the technology to falll in the wrong hands, so keep this precious knowledge between us, ‘kay?

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    • Haha, I do have a key rack, I do, but it’s downstairs and the postie regularly wakes me and SHE (yes a different one) is quite happy to use my parcel drop car. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t have my keys. Maybe I’ll look for a spare door key and hang that in my key cabinet, in case of fire or pedantic posties ❤

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  • Plug-in Baby – ReadMeri

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