Pro-active Customer Service?

Ooh, she got legs

Yes, apparently, pro-active customer service is now a thing – for BT anyway. For those of you who are not British, BT is a very large telecommunications group in the UK. They also own the infrastructure through which other companies provide services. BT rang me the other day and announced themselves as ‘BT Pro-Active Customer Services’.

I was skeptical, of course.

I had that tone of voice that indicated I fully expected him to ask me any minute to confirm my bank details to him, ie. I thought it was a scam. Needless to say, he did not do that and in fact he said that their records indicated my internet speed wasn’t satisfactory, in fact it was currently half what it should be, and that they wanted to send an engineer round to sort it out for me.

Uh, Ok.

The guy came the very next day and said a few bits were wrongly put together, told me I needed to replace my extension lead and doubled my internet speed. I followed him meekly as he then went on to wander through my house, apparently he had not one but two just the same and wanted to ‘have a nosey’. He advised me on some holes I need making and promised to put me in touch with a guy who lives down the road who does brickwork.

Uh, Ok.

The BT Openreach guy lives around the corner apparently. It probably sounds more odd than it actually felt at the time. I just felt like… he was a tiny bit bossy but overall very helpful and friendly.

After he left, I rang my Mum and told her and she said ‘Oh! What was his name?’ I told her and she said ‘Yes, he came here a couple of years ago, I know the one you mean, he’s very umm… helpful and talkative’.

I was kinda relieved, this guy obviously does his job and while enjoying his cup of tea attempts to make himself further useful.

So yes, surreal it might be, but BT has really surprised me and not unpleasantly so!


What ARE you wearing?

Pose – Diversion Urban Girl
Bodysuit – BUENO Tata Bodysuit C88 (Camshopping sim) NEW!
Stockings/Shoes –  Blueberry FLF Shoes & Stockings
Hair – Lamb. Miss Mabel V2.

It’s Fifty Linden Friday again! What can I tell you about Blueberry’s fine offering for this greatest of days? Well, you can look forward to these super sneakers in Flat or Tip Toe versions, for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya Lara, Physique and Venus. It comes with two HUDs one for the shoes and one for the stockings. Each HUD contains 4 colour options and the stockings HUD has both torn and not torn options.



    • How d’you think the stockings got all ripped? Nah, I’m kidding, I was dressed in jeans and a top and didn’t drape myself around provocatively. It might have been inappropriate 😀

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    • Haha, no, they’ve laid a lovely patio out there and are doing concreting again on Monday. They just barrowed through 40 barrows of sand… I could hear them talking. And singing. Cripes!

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    • Singing? Perhaps some songs from Broadway musicals? Somehow, I imagine two burly guys singing “Don’t cry for me, Argentina” as they spread the sand. 😀

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    • Haha, it was soft rawk! Bless them. One of them also stopped taking sugar in his tea a while ago and proclaimed ‘I can really taste the tea more now’ and I know he’s right. Good for him!

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    • Aaaah, well, I’ve been blogging stuff for a long time, but I didn’t always bother to make the photos small in terms of file size – duh. I ran out of room on this blog and don’t want to pay right now, so I simply archived the lot and moved it to another blog 😀 Nifty.

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    • Never said you couldn’t, luv. Just trying to be helpful. Waitin on ya hand and foot as it were. Would you care for a cuppa while you wait?

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    • Of all guys started by offering me tea, there would be some happier men in the world. Thank you Drake!


  • Ohh I do love these trainers and stockings! So much so I’m going to actually log in for the first time in ages and try to find them :O Don’t so much love the nosey BT guy thought I do love your repeated attempts to re-enfonforce his ‘helpfulness’ hahaha brill

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    • Aww Loopy, he wasn’t so bad, just a bit of a whirlwind, and yes, nosey. You won’t regret buying the stockings and shoes! Blueberry also has a SIM nearby you can cam shop from if its full xxx


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