‘Til it hurts

Til it hurts

I write a blog post about this probably every Summer… and it’s this. I don’t like it.

Of course, I should clarify, I do like sunshine, I do like blue skies, I do like little puffy clouds, I do like ice-cream and the laughter of children as they play with hose pipes – not that any of them seem to do it any more. I do like beer in pub gardens, I like cooking a chicken and having it with salad, I like sunglasses (just not indoors) and I like butterflies and bees.

So what’s left? Heat. I hate heat. I hate the sticky, humid, dirty-feeling heat that comes with British Summertime and you, yes you, before you start thinking ‘Oh but British Summertime is nothing compared to our temperatures’ there are several other considerations:

  1. It is going to be 30 degrees here today and potentially, 34 degrees tomorrow/Thursday.
  2. We do not have air conditioning in our homes (and in my case, not even in my car any more – it died). We are a nation that has maybe one fan we keep in the shed and pull out for the hot days and we all sit around it, sweating.
  3. It’s very humid here, all year round. Lots of water, see?

It’s the humidity that makes it so unpleasant I think. Plus, as I am always saying, I’m a smurf, I don’t tan, I can’t sit out in it, I’m trapped in a house with my windows closed trying to keep cool on days like today.

I will go outside later and water my plants, sit for a few minutes and then come back in and shower the icky, sweaty, insect-y nastiness off.

I accept that there are those people out there who love the heat, who soak up the rays as if there is no tomorrow (or skin cancer – do slap on some sunscreen) and to those people, I wish you a happy and delicious Summer – you deserve niceness.

For me, I’d happily take Spring for 6 months, Autumn for 4 months and that would just leave 2 months for nasty, cold Winter. (Oh yeah, I don’t like that much either :D).

Basically, if someone could just adjust the thermostat so it’s usually between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius, I’d be most grateful, thank you 🙂

I will be staging my own one-woman protest by continuing to drink tea throughout the heatwave. Will you be joining me?


What ARE you wearing?

Top & Pants – Genetic Mest Outfit for Maitreya Lara – On Sense Event
Hair – Elua – Abigail


Need a new outfit to work out in? Well, Genetic’s new ‘Mest’ outfit is perfect for the job, it simply wicks the sweat away from your skin as you work out and replaces it with Chanel No. 5. It’s available in 8 HUD colours and patterned or plain (shown). You can get it at On Sense event indicated above.

As an aside, I’ve not linked up the sim because this is a fabulous gym, but it’s at an adult sex beach. I spent my time de-rendering other avatars who wandered over to show me their huge penises and replying to IMs with ‘Well, it’s very kind of you to say so, but I’m just doing pictures here today, sorry.’

Because I’m BRITISH. And we’re polite. And we drink tea.


  • A fellow heat hater here!
    And I fully intend to exercise my rights as a white, freckly, UK citizen to drink tea while attempting to ignore the very rude weather. 🙂

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  • Meri, I haven’t read this post, I’ll be back later on to do so. But just wanted to say that I put this on Wynn’s blog just now… “I think I better initiate that because we had a rest over July but I’ll ask Meri first! I do enjoy them, they’re good fun and no pressure.” Cheers ❤

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  • I do like the summer, but I don’t like oppressive conditions. We had a massive heat wave this past weekend, and it was too hot to stay outside, even with a pool.

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  • It has been 33+ C here for a week now.. I give thanks to Willis Carrier every time i walk past my 2 window units.. Without them i think i would honestly die. Humidity at 98%. Breathing is very hard. I love my A/Cs. My wife is outside going for a walk with my youngest.. My eldest and I are sprawled on my bed watching movies. Its 21C in here. Popcorn, Pepsi and Godzilla marathon.. Care to join us?

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    • Oh Drake, that sounds like bliss… Course your wife sounds crazy, but yes, up for the Netflix and literal chill 🍿 x


  • Every year I wonder about getting air conditioning and then for the couple of weeks that we have heatwaves, I don’t think it’s worth it, because it is very expensive in the UK. But maybe it is worth it, especially with climate changes having a real effect on the weather globally, and perhaps these humid and hot days will increase. Only time will tell, I guess. If our houses were built to resist both the heat and the cold (which is also a problem for folks especially when they haven’t got the money for extra heating and it’s either heat or eat)… that’s something for the future builders in the UK to devise and think about.

    “Because I’m BRITISH. And we’re polite. And we drink tea.” Yes!!

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  • I can definitely relate I am 49 going through menopause and I am happy right next to a fan indoors and the great thing is I won’t hopefully not have to deal with skin cancer 😀🌸❤️✌️

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  • Menopause here and love hot weather. But humid sucks. No beach sucks and a fan blowing hot air around sucks. It all sucks.
    Now the solution to this is a zillion ice cubes in the bath and a bunch of towels as a bed. Ideal place to sleep tonight.


    • I’m so glad you’ve seen sense bebe, we can have spring and autumn instead!🍁🍂💐🌷


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