Feeling hot and sleepy

Feeling hot and sleepy

Well, yesterday was a complete wash-out for me. I simply shut all the blinds and windows, put the fans and my air purifier on and hid until it went away. Course, I looked just like this while doing it 😀

36 degrees just ain’t funny, hunny.

Today is somewhat better and if you’re now looking forward to the weekend with a renewed and refreshed sense of hope too, you might want to know what’s happening in SL?

Cynful will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary! Can you believe it? I remember Cynful back in the day, they had a huge store (still do) full of colourful and sexy clothing (still do) except now, it’s all gorgeous fitted mesh. Mmmnom.

Anyway, you can look forward to a 12 hour party! It opens at 10 am SL time at the Cynful Mainstore and they have DJs and gift card giveaways until 10 pm SL time when ever!

Plus! For 48 hours only, Cynful group members can get this awesome bikini (I think it works as lingerie too) for nothing, nada, zilch. It’s a right chubby fatpack n’all.


What ARE you wearing?

Bikini – Cynful Kiylee’s Bikini  (Cynful Mainstore only 48 hrs)
Necklace – EF Marketplace: Rhapsody Necklace
Hair – Little Bones Lovestruck


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