Take a chill pill

Take a chill pill

Happy Lunchtime, blog readers. I do hope you’re looking after yourselves properly. I was thinking back to the time when I worked in an office with other people (now I work alone, from home) and how important it was to get outside at lunchtime. Although I’m also a big fan of making your own lunch and taking it to work, I am not a fan of sitting in the office and continuing work through your lunchbreak.

Getting out and away from things for an hour, or half an hour, depending on your working day can be the difference between going nuts and staying calm, keeping your cool or going insane. It’s like turning your computer off for a wee while to let it cool down, it’s nice and fresh when you turn it back on and ready to tackle the tasks at hand. Turn off your brain!

So, I hope you’re outside reading this and breathing in a short taste of freedom.

I was on Facebook earlier to see that there’s a scandal afoot. Some horrible person has sent round a porn video saying it’s someone in SL and a few people were curious about who was involved. I should clarify, they were curious about who the person might be who was accused of being in the video.  A few people had spoken out and said it is a blogger, however, careful to protect this person’s identity, they just referred to them as ‘a  blogger’.

Myself, I’m more curious about the person who perpetuated it, I don’t believe in karma or fate particularly, I do believe in drumming evil little shits who do things like that out of my circle. I hope I don’t know this person. I hope they never read this, but if they do, please remove yourself from my vicinity, pronto.

Aside from the fact that posting something like that without the consent of all people involved is illegal, someone else made the point (it was Blueberry actually, coincidentally, as I’m blogging her stuff today) that if even one of the people in the video is underage, to send it on or view it is also illegal. If you get anything dodgy in your inbox, simply report it without watching. That’s my sage advice.

Anyway, back to more happy things. It’s Thursday 1st August and we are more than halfway through the week, the temperatures are not so high and we can look forward to the weekend with a hope of decent weather and good people around us.

Do you have plans?


What ARE you wearing?

Visit – Rieri Town – Tokyo
Necklace – Izzie’s – Letter Heart Necklace (silver)
Sunglasses – Izzie’s – Miami Neon Sunglasses blue (rainbow lenses)
Earrings – Cynful Flamingo Earrings
Gum – [PF] Yum Bubblegum!
Hat/Hair – Beusy: Pink Tesla Cap & Hair [Mesh]
Shorts – Blueberry – Taylor – Shorts Classic – Maitreya NEW!
Belt – Blueberry – Taylor – Braided Belts – Maitreya NEW!
Shoes – Blueberry – Taylor – Shoes – Knee High – Maitreya NEW!
Top – Blueberry – Taylor – Tied Top – Maitreya NEW!

Blueberry Marketplace
Blueberry Mainstore

Blueberry wanted to make a mega pack for budget conscious fashion freaks and came up with this gorgeous Taylor set available in the following body types – Freya/Hourglass/Isis/Maitreya/Physique/TMP Legacy/Venus.

The shorts come in frayed and standard (standard shown) the belt is in the shorts pack. The tops are as seen or strapless and the shoes come in thigh high, overknee (shown) or ankle heights.

Blueb says ”

You get the ENTIREEE 3 fat packs for 950L only. This deal is valid for 1 week only (til the 6th August) then the price goes up to 1299.

Normally this set would cost: 1299 for tops fat pack, 1299 for shorts with belt fat pack and 750 for the shoes (3348 on total).

I hope y’all are enjoying the Budgetberry releases I try to make once a month. Let me know in comments (on Flickr).”



  • Oh Christ. I knew I couldn’t remain hidden for much longer!
    I’ve seen that on my time line and wondered what on earth it was. Saw it before bed last night and dreamt Id made a saucy video that I wasn’t aware of.
    No don’t worry I haven’t. I think if I had you would have recognised me . I’d be the one yelling Geronimo!!!!
    Salacious stuff and frankly the person that started it has issues. People sharing it, actually worse issues.
    Me? I’ll openly share my sassiness

    Liked by 1 person

  • Game Over – ReadMeri

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