Waiting for you


Waiting for you

Hi Sunday bloggies! Do any of you remember John Craven’s Newsround? When I was a kid, they had a news show for kids. They’d put it on around the same time Playschool and Jackanory was on and you’d get to hear a version of what was happening in the world.

I’m feeling quite strongly that it should come back because the grown-ups news is no fun at all and really quite depressing. Plus, John Craven had that very soothing and in charge way about him which meant no harm could come to you while he was delivering the news.

He does Countryfile now if you’d like a dose of JC and it’s his 79th birthday soon. Happy Birthday John Craven! The kids of yesteryear have not forgotten you.

So, what about the picture? Well, I’m doing a rare-as-rocking-horse-shit decor blog today. It’s BackBone‘s Wicker Patio Set for Fameshed this round. It contains the sofa, fire pit and lemon tray. You can get it in PG, Adult or Poly and there’s a menu for cushion covers, wicker colours etc. Supercute. Go get it at Fameshed‘s August round, the event runs from the 1st to the 27th of each month.

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