Summer Madness

Summer Madness

How often do you dig into your inventory for something you want and find something very odd you didn’t even know you had? Yeah! Lots right? That happened to me when I was setting up this pic for Isabelle Cheren’s Blogger Challenge. More on that after the credits, below, and yes it’s worth reading to the bottom this time.

You might remember a few months ago I set a blogger challenge on what you could put together for less than 100L$ and then Moz set a blogger challenge, you can see my post here about making a post from the freebies at Fameshed Anniversary round. Then, Wynncakes set a challenge based on a balloon gacha at Kinky Monthly and somehow my post was a dick pic.

Cripes! It was going downhill fast as far as I was concerned, I’d gone from savvy shopper to carting a massive gold dick around with me in only 3 leaps. Whatever was Isa going to come up with for hers, I wondered? 😮 I needn’t have worried, Isabelle challenged us to portray our very own Summer Madness and this is my response.

It’s very me. You see I love the idea of Summer but I don’t like swimming in the sea – too many scary things down there to grab your feet, thus the wellies for paddling and the armbands and donut float to make sure I don’t drown. I like to see the sun but not have it on my skin, so the umbrella comes in useful. So, once I’d packed all those things, plus our picnic and towels and sunscreen and handy wipes and water and waterproof phone case and my phone and first aid kit, it was just a case of calling Toto the dog, Faloola the sheep and my friend Rub-A-Dub, the duck, to join me for the outing!

We cut quite the swathe as we made our way to the water’s edge. You can imagine…

What would your Summer madness look like? Send me a postcard or simply reply below. No response too weird – Obviously 😀


Cynful Everyday Romper Blogger Challenge ReadMeri
Cynful’s gorgeous everyday romper was the basis of my Summer Madness Blogger Challenge outfit


What ARE you wearing?

Rubber XXX Ducky {D} by Cabe78 Resident (No store or marketplace!)
Jian :: Maybelle the Sheep (Static)
Jian Wonky Weenies :: Ducky PJs Wanderer
Cynful Everyday Romper – Maitreya Lara NEW!
TBF Armbands Orange Small
[Black Bantam] Daisy’s Everywhere Sunglasses – White&Yellow
Fashiowl – Pink Floatie 5 – Wear
[RA] Dorothy Hair – Boobs w/ materials
Addams – Mesh Rain Boots (Wellies) – Maitreya
Aparecium~April Showers Umbrella 2 1

Cynful have been busy! They are introducing their brand new “Casual Collection” in their Mainstore. They wanted to do more “basic” items, which don’t usually fit in their normal collections, but really love! The items released for the Casual Collection will also be priced differently! Product Information: Sizes: Maitreya Lara Slink Hourglass Belleza Freya Legacy Female Single Color Hud: – 199L$ Stripe Version + Camo Version 25 Button Colors Fatpack: – 1399L$ 30 Colors for each version.

You might not have taken much notice of my inflatable armbands by TBF, but they are awesome. I mean, that whole place is awesome. Warbug is a great place to visit and I’ve linked you up there to an area where all the crazy stuff on sale is like 10L$… I popped over yesterday and treated myself to a new outhouse privy (very nice), some rubber ducks and something I can’t quite remember at the moment. Previous visits have afforded me a paddling pool, sunglasses with windscreen wipers and some very naughty portable 70s TV sets! 😮 No idea why the stuff is all called TBF when the sim is Warbug, and mine is not to question why but simply to suggest you go over there, grab some insanity and party hard.

Course, before I went there, I went into my inventory looking for a rubber ducky to take with me to the seaside… and I found one. Pictured. It’s named XXX Ducky and when I rezzed him I saw he was a huge ducky and thought the creator had meant XXL Ducky and got it wrong. It wasn’t until I edited it by mistake that I saw the animations within XXX Ducky and realised he was well-named after all… I tracked down the creator online and can find no indication that he sells anything at all, I’ve credited him anyway, of course. I don’t remember getting the ducky, or using the ducky or knowing the guy. Very, very strange occurrences indeed 😀



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