Rebellion and Schnitzel

Rebellion and Schnitzel

Hey Bloggies! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I hope the boss is out all day today. I hope when you go to the sandwich shop, they have an unmissable deal on doughnuts and you indulge. I hope you sing on the way home and have a great evening. I hope you sleep like a baby, only without the crying for your mammy and pooping yourself.

Yesterday, I remembered a corking row I had with my Mum, back in the day. And when I say ‘back in the day’ I mean, back when I was young and reckless and rebel was my middle name. It wasn’t literally my middle name, of course.

I had come in late one night to find my Mum still up, a bit sozzled on wine and resentful because she’d been worrying about me. My Mum worrying about me was one of the banes of my life. She seemed to do it so much and with far too much emphasis. She’d been known to go out looking for me in the early hours of the morning, scouring the streets and bars and asking people if they’d seen me. Oh the shame!

Anyway, this particular night she was not happy at all and we had a row. It rumbled on as I moved through the house and at the very last, she was in her bedroom and I came up the stairs to go mine and she shouted through her closed bedroom door ‘I hope you’re not the one to look after me when I’m old’ and I shouted back in the manner of Ross from Friends, ‘SO DO I!!!’


We get on great now. I made her pork schnitzel with a mushroom risotto last night. It was pretty delicious, if I say so myself. I’d done the breadcrumbs for the schnitzel coating by blitzing a slice of bread and then I added some spices and some sage and onion stuffing mix. The stuffing mix really adds a proper crunch and a nice taste.

I thought I had invented this addition, but Mum knew straight away and told me she’d always done it. Apparently, she’d learned from a small boy my brother was friends with at school who had to cook dinner for his working parents every day. Poor little guy.

I hope he got to rebel eventually.

Addams Frida Ripped Jeans, Tucked Top and Dr Addams (like Doc Martens) boots.

What ARE you wearing?

BackBone Beer Fitness
220ML – Chronos Beer [Bottle w/ Lemon]
Lamb. Baddie (prev C88, try mainstore)
FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)
Addams // Frida Ripped Jeans // Maitreya NEW!
Addams // Frida Tucked Top for Jean // Maitreya NEW!
Addams // Frida Dr Addams Boots // Maitreya NEW!
**RE** ReVoX Sinful Necklace – Female

The brand spanking new Frida set from Addams is perfect for rebelling in Second Life. You can get this newest of fashions in Belleza Freya & Isis, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink HG & O sizes and in an array of colours to suit you. I was especially impressed with the range of colours available for the boots – it’s not often you can get really good Docs with such a lot of choices! You can even choose the colour of the stitching, I went for multi-coloured, which looks great – not sure if you can make it out from the picture.


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