A puff at bedtime

A puff at bedtime

I’m gonna confide in you. This is not something I normally talk about outside my immediate circle of friends, but hey, if I can’t be open on here, where can I be? Right?

I don’t drink often. I don’t really like drinking in the house. I’m not the kind of person who has to have a glass of wine to wind down, or a few voddies to party. I’m always ready to go and when I do go out, I usually enjoy drinking.

So yeah, I’m not a drinking prude, but I’m far from having a drinking habit.

I don’t have a problem being up and happy and having a laugh and I can do it sober, what I find much harder is switching things off so that I can sleep. Like my brain for instance.

For this reason, most nights at bedtime, I smoke a little bit of weed. I usually wait until I’m reading before sleep and have a small amount to rock me. I keep my phone with my notes app open beside the bed for those times, because often fabulous and incredible things occur to me. It’s like I can make connections I couldn’t previously. I also get plenty of ideas for writing fiction.

These are all the pluses. Sleep, relaxation, inventive psyche. The downside is that sometimes I get distracted from what I’m doing by something very small. Last night it was hummus. Someone on FB mentioned it yesterday and I occasionally thought about it through the day and then last night after I had a puff, I thought about it a lot. I opened my Tesco shopping app and added hummus to the basket. And some crackers. And some carrot sticks. And some soft cheese. And then I remembered how a nice lady at Wynn’s set had mentioned tiramisu flavour yoghurt and so I found the yoghurt section and added 19 different yoghurts to my basket.

I wasn’t so off my head I couldn’t recognise that 19 yoghurts was excessive, so I went to the basket and inspected them, trying to decide which ones I should remove. My brain refused to let any of them go, insisting that each and every one was essential for next week’s shop.

I gave up and shut down the app, shut down my phone and shut down my brain.

Goodnight, I bid Panda, sleepily. Goodnight.

Oh and if you are shocked by my weed consumption, I would like a photograph of your shocked visage in the comments below. If you’re not so shocked, maybe you could tell me how you wind down for bed, or if you ever partake of anything a tiny bit naughty?


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