I got wet

I got wetter - Part 2

I got wet. I don’t mind getting wet. I quite like it. I think I’ve mentioned before how I don’t like umbrellas, they’re vicious and wobbly and overall, quite annoying. If I get ready and I go out and it rains, or I get splashed from a puddle, I just (literally) soak it up and get on with it. I don’t understand why anybody would leave an outdoor swimming pool because it’s raining, for instance. What difference does it make?

Yesterday Thom told me he was cycling to the pub when the skies opened and it began to pour it down. He pulled over and took shelter for the duration of the downpour… 30 minutes.

I couldn’t cope with that! Waiting half an hour just so you arrive moderately wet instead of very wet. No, I’d rather spend five minutes under the hand dryer in the toilets with my knickers in my hand and the other 25 moaning about my hair over a drink. Not that I’ve EVER dried my undies in a pub toilet, you understand, this is just hypothetically speaking. It sounds like something I might end up doing at some point in my life, if I were soaked to the skin. Basically, by the time Thom got to the pub, I’d be on my second drink and have made a bunch of new friends drawn to me like moths to a flame by my skin-tight clothing, huge kinky hair and super on-point moaning skills.

I also made my Mum feel guilty the other day when she was talking about pet hates in parenting and I came up with one of my own. I said ‘I hate parents who say they’ll think about something when they mean no’. And she agreed. I slipped in ‘which you used to do’ and she was shocked. But she did, both my parents did. It usually related to going somewhere on a specific day. I might ask if we could go out as a family and do something at a park or theme park or zoo or carnival and they’d say ‘We’ll see’ or ‘We’ll think about it’ and then on the day the answer was always no because of a) traffic, b) home chores or c) the sodding weather.

I swore aged 7 that the weather wouldn’t stop me doing anything unless it was a hurricane or 8 feet of snow and I’ve largely kept to that.

I don’t really know how this got to be about weather, but you can see why it’s about getting wet, can’t you? 😀

Here comes a lot more photos than usual! All with good reason. Click to see them large.



What ARE you wearing?

In Jacuzzi with dress and bobbed hair:

BackBone Jacuzzi Deluxe – Adult at Belle Events NEW!
[KKLRS] Hair – Keira VIP Gift! NEW!
Blueberry – Noelia – Knotted Dress NEW!

On deckside with top and shorts:

GingerFish Poses – Heart Shades at TLC NEW! 
Blueberry – Noelia – Shorts NEW!
Blueberry – Noelita – Knotted Tops NEW!
DOUX – Sonya Hairstyle

Well, I have so much to share with you today. So much new stuff, so much good stuff. Here we go!


The BackBone Jacuzzi Deluxe comes in both Adult and PG versions and has multiple features:

✔ Customize with multiple textures and colours to choose from

✔ Media TV

✔ Props

✔ Bento Animations

✔ Aeros Integration (coming soon adult only)

✔ It’s NOT Mine! Integration (adult only)

✔ Animated water & bubbles with sound

✔ Holographic rotating lights

PG version contains

✔ 21 Single Animations

✔ 15 Couples Animations

Adult version contains

✔ 21 Single Animations

✔ 15 Couples Animations

✔ 44 Foreplay Animations

✔ 28 Sex Animations


The adorable Kokolores (or KKLRS if you hate vowels) hair, Keira, is a VIP Group gift from the talented hair maker for your wee heads. And your big heads, for it is resizeable. It comes with a HUD that contains 192 textures/colours/ombres/fades/roots etc. Uhuh. The biggest darn hair HUD I ever saw! It’s a full alpha hairdo and unrigged so you can resize, as I mentioned. It also allows tinting via the HUD so there is literally no colour you can’t go. And it’s a new release! How utterly gorgeous and generous. Thank you Sisch ❤


GingerFish Poses released this gorgeous set named ‘Heart Shades’ and it’s all about the getting wet. You’re in a pool, you’re getting out of a pool, you’re at the side of the pool chilling… it’s awesome. Go grab it at The Liaison Collaborative now.


Finally, the set that has SL all of a flutter is Blueberry’s Noelia. I’ll do my best to encompass it in a few sentences (I may fail). You can get a knotted dress OR a tshirt and shorts (shown in different pictures) in different packs, which comes in very wet, wet, dry (and this is important, it’s suitable for normal wear as well you see) X-rated (bit see through on the nips and bum) and XXX-rated (shown – of course! You can thank me later).

Blueb says – Tops & Shorts: Each single color purchase will come with the same color of shorts and top.

Dresses: Each dress comes with built in panties but you can hide them by using the HUD.

A pattern pack is available for both dresses and top&shorts pack for 650L each, they all the patterns you can try out in the demo. Fat packs (1299L) include all 37 colors + all the patterns.

MEGA PACK which includes BOTH fat packs will only cost 1850L for 1 week only. Yeah, bargain, go quickly my wee ones.

As usual, the sizes are Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Legacy – try a demo if you’re not sure.


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