To the point

To the point

I want to talk to you today about something I was thinking about in bed the other night – no, not that, something else. I was thinking about the phrase ‘Knowledge is Power’ and I was thinking how knowledge and power are not all that – they’re not the only ingredients you want in your cake.

Of course, if knowledge is power, then does that make ‘Ignorance is bliss’ true? I thought about that for a while too.

What I’ve come up with is this, ‘If knowledge is power, then belief is hope’. And I’m going to explain why I think so…

Take this for example:


It’s a Magna Doodle! I was bought one when I was about 6 or 7 and I thought it was magic. I loved how I could write or draw whatever I wanted and then slap that wee handle across and it was wiped and I had a clean sheet again.

Of course, Magna Doodles aren’t magic at all, but the thing is, I don’t want to know how it works, because I want to believe it is magic. So in this case, knowledge might be power, but it would also make me unhappy. Belief that it’s magic makes me hope that there might be more magic in the world.

So whether you believe in magic, your god, fairies, aliens or anything else that knowledge might be able to disprove, keep believing, because that’s where hope lies. And magna doodle knows, we need hope!


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  • I’m reminded of the foreword in Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King. He talks about beliefs in it. From childhood beliefs to what we as adults come to think of as truths, even though we have no proof of them as such.
    As children, we would wake up to our toys n slightly different positions and think they must have been playing with themselves while we slept.We dismiss that as adults simply because we believe that impossible but have no proof. We are told not to do things by our parents for the most ridiculous reasons, “Don’t jump across that stream, you’ll fall in and catch pneumonia!” “Don’t jump from the shed to the garage, you’ll fall and break your neck” “You can’t jump off the roof into a pile of leaves, you’ll break your legs!!” And when our parents leave after being mollified by us, we do it anyway and somehow, survive, and become the heroes of the neighborhood. Was our belief stronger than theirs? I like to think we can do anything we believe. I will leave you with Mr Kings quote.
    “I believe a dime can derail a freight-train. I believe there are alligators in the New York City sewer system, not to mention rats as big as Shetland ponies. I believe that you can tear off someone’s shadow with a steel tent-pole. I believe that there really is a Santa Claus, and that all those red-suited guys you see at Christmastime really are his helpers. I believe there is an unseen world all around us. I believe that tennis balls are full of poison gas, and if you cut one in two and breathe what comes out, it’ll kill you. Most of all, I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks.” -Stephen King, Nightmares & Dreamscapes

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    • Ahh Drake, that should be the blog! Thanks for those wonderful additions. And you know how much I love Mr King 💜


  • And I thought you were were thinking of apples. Anyway, I agree, somethings need to remain mysterious. I recall the horror of biology class when I found out that the whole stork story I’d been told was not at all accurate.

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  • I do love magna doodle still… I also like you. You’re quite a bit like Magna doodle, not that you’re square and blue but you’re also magical and give me hope.

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  • When the human was about 6 years old, it lived in a house that had, on the wall, one of those barometers that was a little house, with two doors… when it was going to rain, a little farmer with wet-weather gear would come out one door, when it was going to be fine, his wife, in clear-weather gear, would come out the other (he’d go back inside)… this device entirely blew the little humans mind… the human had never seen television, or watched a movie and, of course, had never taken mind-altering drugs, so had no kind of reference to what was real/wasn’t, other than it’s own tiny mind, which totally accepted that these little people were, incredibly, since they never moved a muscle, once they came out the door, alive! The tiny human spent hours trying to catch the even tinier magical farmer-creatures changing position, or twitching a limb. There were many other similar instances of magic in the human’s early life, but we won’t go into them (:

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    • That kind of magic marks a person. Maybe this little human grew up to create art with magic? Thanks for sharing the lovely story Sera x

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