Sit by me

Sit by me

Morning bloggies! How are you on this fine Tuesday? In my dreams last night I was visited by an alien species who had arrived here on earth, they weren’t friendly particularly but they were reasonably communicative (via telepathy). They moved into our houses and threw us out into small areas where we all lived higgeldy-piggeldy and on top of each other.

They killed off our nominal leader, although they denied it. I went with a friend and we visited one of the alien homes. They were living in a lovely house, they told us more were coming, many more. At least 40,000 to start with and eventually, there would be no room left for us here.

I found a tiny puppy, whimpering, cowering and starving to death in one of the rooms and they wouldn’t let me take it home. They said they would take care of it but I knew they wouldn’t.

I realise that’s not the most optimistic way to begin the day, but hey… I woke up and it wasn’t true (so far). Just keep an eye out. They were about 7ft tall, same kind of skin as E.T. and with those traditionally-drawn big alien eyes. Naked as the day was long, but with no ‘bits’. You’d know them if you saw them.

How about you? Any freaky dreams to share?


What ARE you wearing?

lock&tuft – caduceus – Hair Fair 2019 Redhead Sim NEW!
Mikunch / canvas shoes & socks dot / navy
Blueberry – Group Gift – Denim Skirts – Maitreya NEW!
Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Tops – Maitreya NEW!
[ kunst ] – Hawaii watch & Bracelet set

Blueberry’s latest and very amazing group gift comes as a MEGA PACK. The relevant groups are free to join. The top was previously released a loooong time ago and has since undergone a complete makeover, re-rigged, textured etc. The skirt and belt are brand new meshes and available in full fat pack range, the belt is optional and of course as always, built-in optional panties are available.

You will find the gift package in your Blueberry Store VIP or Blueberry Store groups both. It’s also available at the mainstore, simply activate your tag and click on the board.

Blueberry Store Group (copy paste this in your local chat in game):

I’m also having raptures over Lock&Tuft’s releases for The Hair Fair 2019. You can find their stand on the Redhead sim (linked above) and I’m wearing Caduceus. You will find that the majority of their hairs can be worn by anybody, no matter their gender alignment and I’ve had various people admire me in Caduceus 😀 If you peer closely at the vendor images below, you can see that they have indicated what characters inspired the design of these hairs too. Very very cool indeed. Go see them at The Hair Fair 2019!

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