I got pole burn

I got pole burn

Hi everybody! I need some help, I’m perma-stuck to this pole by my thighs, seems the pole burn got so bad I melted…

Kidding of course, but this pole is pretty damn hot! See more info below.

Yesterday Tesco peed me off royally. I won’t go into a ton of boring detail but suffice it to say they delivered all my groceries covered in blue liquid dishwasher cleaner. I quite literally had to wash them. The delivery guy was itching to go so I let him saying I’d take it up with Customer Services who came up with a half-arsed solution – I sort out what wasn’t edible or usable and they’d come and get it and refund me…

Yeah, that makes the whole experience better.

Anyway, I’ve got fed up with them putting the onus on the customer to deal with crap and not giving good service and I’ve voted with my feet.

But before I do, I had almost £60 of vouchers to use up so I’m waiting on a delivery containing a bottle of decent Irish whiskey, some tobacco, lots of smoked haddock (a personal fetish) and some cray fish tails… Mmmm. I might also have picked up a bag of Munchies with the change, just cus they will be delicious eating while I’m choosing a new grocery supplier. (I already have, I’m going Sainsburys).

So yeah, here’s me posting a sexy pic and then banging on about something un-sexy. It’s my age you know. Or maybe you find grocery complaints sexy, in which case you should go work for Tesco 😀

C’mon, I want to hear your moans – no, not of passion – of despair and irritation! Tell me what is bugging you.

Oh. And watch this short video (no sound)

Oh and P.S. Tesco just came – they didn’t bring the fresh items 😀 Haha. I made a good decision.

What ARE you wearing?

erratic / delice lingerie
+elua+ Sena_Lightblonde
phedora. Sandy heels / Maitreya
BackBone Pole Stage 7Li Fetish Fair

The stage contains:
22 Pole Dances
5 Solo Poses
4 Cuddles
31 Foreplay Animations
26 Sex Animations both on pole and table

Aeros Plug In

If you are wearing Aeros Cock the item will automatically tilt it to the correct position based on each pose. For this to work, make sure to add AVsitter experience to your land settings and follow the Aeros instructions.

It’s NOT Mine! Plug in too!

Available now at Fetish Fair


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